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  • Huawei Developer overview

The Huawei Developer ( is an open platform geared to the needs of third-party mobile developers. The platform draws on Huawei's global resources to offer technical support, product distribution, operations capacity, and brand promotion services. The platform provides an opportunity for mobile developers to grow, fosters innovation and partnerships,delivers user experience improvements, and helps form synergies.

  • Introduction to the platform

The Huawei Developer leverages Huawei's global resources to provide integrated services for mobile developers spanning the entire product life cycle.

1. Technical support

The platform draws on Huawei's global resources and product development strengths to provide hardware and software technical support for mobile developers. This includes the provision of testing equipment and services, as well as feature capability bundles to encourage innovation and streamline development processes.

2. Product distribution

The platform harnesses Huawei's global consumer platform, which includes mobile phones, watches, tablets, televisions, and smart home appliances, to provide multiple distribution channels and promotional services for mobile developers. These channels can be used to distribute content such as mobile apps, games, themes, wallpapers, fonts, and plug-ins, increasing partner traffic and boosting profits.

3. Operations capacity

The platform is underpinned by Huawei's big data resources, which offer operational and management capacity for mobile developers. This includes data collection, outcome monitoring, mobile payment, and push notification services.

4. Brand promotion

The platform capitalizes on Huawei's unique resources to offer core capabilities to partners, enabling coordinated product launches across multiple brands. Mobile developers can make use of a range of online and offline marketing channels to raise their brand profile.