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  • June 6
    Let your dreams set sail
    Register for the contest.
  • June 30 to July 25
    Seize the opportunity
    Submit your entries before July 25.
  • July 25 to August 1
    Shine with your creativity
    Excellent entries will be selected for the final round.
  • August 17 and August 18
    Make your dreams come true
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Huawei high-quality resources: awards over CNY1 million and 20,000 world's top-level VIP customers
Enterprise Awards
  • First Award/1
    Award: CNY200,000
    Public cloud services valued at CNY20,000
  • Second Award/3
    Award: CNY100,000
    Public cloud services valued at CNY10,000
  • First Award/1
    Award: CNY200,000
    Public cloud services valued at CNY20,000
  • Third Award/6
    Award: CNY50,000
    Public cloud services valued at CNY5,000
Nominee Award/10
Award: CNY10,000
Public cloud services valued at CNY2,000
Personal Awards
  • First Award/1
    Award: CNY100,000
  • Second Award/3
    Award: CNY50,000
  • First Award/1
    Award: CNY100,000
  • Third Award/5
    Award: CNY10,000
  • Free tickets to HC 2017 for excellent participants
  • Free exhibition of solutions selected for the final round during HC 2017
  • Awarded entries in the final round will be recommended as Huawei certified solutions and have access to Huawei's channel resources.
  • Get invited to the HDG as a guest to enrich your experience.
Open questions based on customers' requirements
Technical Fields
Huawei has opened product capabilities in 11 fields, such as Cloud Computing, IoT, and Big Data. Participants can create solutions relying on a single product or a product portfolio. For example, in the Smart Home Solution scenario, when a sensor of the door control system is triggered, the warning signal is sent to the IoT platform through the gateway. After that, the gateway sends a notification to the IP camera to capture photos or record a video. Then the gateway uploads the photos or videos to the cloud and informs users through SMS. In this scenario, OceanConnect, IP cameras, and cloud storage open capabilities are used.
  • Cloud


  • Big Data
  • IoT
  • CloudEC
  • eLTE
  • Video
  • CloudCaaS
  • OMF
  • Digital RM
  • IES
  • Indoor


Cloud Computing
Huawei Cloud focuses on the Infrastructure-as-a-Service layer, empowers the Platform-as-a-Service layer, and converges the Software-as-a-Service layer to fully implement our Cloud-Pipe-Device strategy and provide secure, neutral, and reliable IT infrastructure cloud services for a large number of enterprises, governments, and startups. Our vision is to make information and communication technology (ICT) services as convenient for enterprises to use as water and electricity.
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Big Data
Digital transformation has swept across the world and is driving changes to the value flow model. Enterprises in an industry must build an ecosystem to cope with the fierce competition from other industries. The in-depth integration of ICT and each industry makes all industries attach importance to and depend on big data to improve efficiency of enterprise operations and expand external profit margins.
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Huawei proposes the "1+2+1" IoT solution on the basis of the IoT architecture. The first "1" indicates an open-source IoT OS named Huawei LiteOS; "2" indicates the two connection types, the first being short-distance connection through agile gateways or smart home gateways, and the second being long-distance connection through eLTE/NB-IoT/5G; the second "1" indicates the unified and open OceanConnect IoT platform.
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Upholding the philosophy of "openness and interoperability", Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communications (CloudEC) provides enterprises with a one-stop cloud-based enterprise communications operation platform to implement efficient collaboration and communication. The platform integrates multiple communications services, including HD audio and video conferencing, telepresence, instant messaging, web conferencing, collaboration, auto attendant, and IP telephony, meeting the application requirements from different types of enterprises in different scenarios.
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Huawei’s LTE-based Wireless Production Campus Solution helps build wireless networks for operators in industrial zones. Supporting eLTE-licensed, eLTE-unlicensed, and eLTE-IoT technologies, this solution enables diverse services for various industries. These services include SCADA, automation control, IoT-based meter sensor data transmission, wireless video surveillance, wireless broadband access, and voice communication.
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Based on Big Data APIs, TV message APIs, and live TV and VOD APIs provided by Huawei cloud-based video platform, Huawei has developed video services and their corresponding marketing solutions, enabling video service providers to launch marketing activities fast, promote value-added services, and implement precision push of notifications. Huawei also helps video service providers improve operation efficiency and achieve video business success.
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CloudCaaS subscribers can invoke communication capabilities and resources of the cloud service platform to develop apps such as HD video and communication apps. The available resources include messaging, audio, video, conferencing, communication collaboration, and subscriber data. Apps can use these capabilities to optimize their enterprise business process, creating better experience for enterprise, individual, and industrial communications.
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Open Mobile Foundry
OMF is an open NFV-centric mobile broadband network platform attempting to explore a mobile pipe customization model featuring "contents into pipes and pipes boosting services" together with partners. Relying on cloud technologies, OMF supports quick service deployment and flexible orchestration so that value-added services and applications provided by third parties can be conveniently imported into mobile pipes to enhance customers' end-to-end experience. This is what we call "contents into pipes".
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Digital Revenue Management
Huawei CBS is the industry's leading converged billing solution that provides digital service providers with rating, charging, billing, finance, settlement, revenue insights and intelligent management digital services.
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CloudOpera Infrastructure Enabling System (IES) is an ICT infrastructure enabling system developed by Huawei for telecommunication carriers. It functions as a bridge between carriers' ICT assets and customer or industry applications. CloudOpera IES enables industry applications to use and adjust carriers' ICT infrastructure and services on demand, as conveniently as using commodities such as water and electricity.
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Indoor Digitalization
Wireless communication development is driving up global mobile data traffic, 90% of which is generated in populated indoor areas such as shopping malls, airports, and offices. Despite indoor networks having complex radio environment, users have high expectations for signal quality and service experience. The growing mobile internet allows mass-market business owners to provide differentiated services, including indoor navigation and service pushing. For them, this represents big opportunities to grow customer bases and business profits and make business decisions by making the best of big data analysis.
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Onsite rating by authoritative and professional assessing teams
Selection Rules
  • Zhang Shunmao
    President of Huawei Products & Solutions Marketing & Solutions Dept
  • Chen Xiandong
    Industry expert
  • Wan Ruyi
    Industry expert
  • Wang Qinghua
    Industry expert
  • Han Peng
    Industry expert
  • Xiao Ran
    President of Huawei Products & Solutions Strategy & Business Development Dept
  • Wang Zhijun
    Industry expert
  • Huo Taiwen
    Industry expert
  • Jiang Tao
    Industry expert
  • Yan Ge
    Industry expert
Selection Rules
  • Commercial Prospect
    Entries should bring social and marketing benefits and be promising in the commercial market.
  • Innovation and Ease of Use
    Entries should be innovative, different from mature industry solutions, and able to present new features.
  • Application Scenario
    Entry topics should be in line with the popular trends and users' requirements. In addition, the entries should be able to draw attention with their extensive influence in the industry.
  • Function Feasibility
    Solutions in the entries must be feasible relying on the solid technological capabilities and enable main functions proposed in the entries to be used in real life.
  • Product Coverage
    Entries can make use of Huawei products' capabilities from various fields, clearly enhancing the overall solution's competitiveness.
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