Sichuan Mobile Released a Cloud Capability Exposure Platform
The enterprise informatization partner conference 2016 was held by China Mobile, Sichuan (Sichuan Mobile), centering on "Open/Connective Co-creative/Win-win" and aiming at promoting Internet Plus–oriented informatization development.
Huawei Mobile Network Acceleration Was Highly Recognized in GMGC
Sponsored by the GMGC global mobile game alliance, the Tianfu award ceremony of the fifth global mobile game developer conference (abbreviated as GMGC Chengdu) was opened at the Dongjiaojiyi park in Chengdu on November 18, 2016.
HDG Shenzhen Stop Is More Than a Salon
On December 24, 2016, the Christmas Eve, Huawei Developers Gathering (HDG) ushers in the last stop in 2016. Here comes Shenzhen, a city that is permeated with youth and fashion.
Releasing CloudCaaS 2.0: Huawei Opens Up Five Key Capabilities to Carriers and Explores the Blue Ocean of Industry Applications
At Huawei Connect 2016, Huawei releases Communication as a Service (CloudCaaS) 2.0, which is based on a unified enablement platform and five open capabilities including real-time voice, real-time video, network QoS, location information, and third-party application integration.

Case Introduction

HD Video Healthcare in Living Rooms
Yibangyi provides an Internet healthcare service platform based on HD video capabilities of Huawei. The platform has helped common subscribers complete 600 thousand health consultancies and medical services using their TVs.
Privacy Protection in Internet
58 Tongcheng relies on the CloudCaaS to protect privacy of 0.2 billion Internet subscribers by replacing their numbers with virtual numbers.
Personalized Remote Fitness Teaching Application
Fittime relies on CloudCaaS HD video call capabilities to provide one-to-one professional fitness guidance for 8 million subscribers, bringing them the same experience as face-to-face communication with private trainers.
Enterprise Mobile Informatization based on Multimedia Communication
The Wafer System software relies on the HD voice communication and video conference services of the CloudCaaS to provide a self-owned communication capability platform that offers new mobile office experience for industry customers.

Capability Openness

Network acceleration

Location capability

Access Process

Only one minute is required before you can enjoy a new communication experience