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Hybrid Video Solution

Hybrid Video Solution


Introduction to Huawei Hybrid Video Solution

Huawei Hybrid Video Solution is a series of solutions including Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), IP Television (IPTV), and Over the Top (OTT). Huawei Hybrid Video Solution helps video operators to provide high-quality (HD, Blu-ray, 4K, etc.) and content-rich video services to the end users with STB, mobile phone, tablet, PC and other terminals. And its flexible architecture can be used to support future evolution and expansion of operators’ video services.

Architecture of Huawei Hybrid Video Solution

This part describes subsystems in the Hybrid Video Solution from the aspects of positioning, functions, and logical architecture, and external Interface description for core Components.

Scenarios of Huawei Hybrid Video Solution

The Hybrid Video Solution includes the DVB, IPTV, OTT, and hybrid scenarios.


Huawei Releases New Video Solution ‘Huawei Envision’
[Wuzhen, China, November 3, 2016] At today's Operations Transformation Forum 2016, Huawei released its new hybrid video solution ‘Huawei Envision’, which assists carriers in developing video as a fundamental service and helps them achieve success.
[Media Coverage] Huawei unveils Video Cloud system
Huawei announced Video Cloud at Huawei Connect 2016, saying the system will simplify video services, making them quicker and cheaper to develop. Huawei noted the system will reduce time to market to one week and reduce infrastructure costs by 90 percent, while ensuring best user experience and data security.
Huawei Cloud DVR Video Solution Wins the 2016 ‘Diamonds’ Award at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo
[Philadelphia, US, September 27, 2016] Huawei's Cloud DVR video solution won the BTR Diamond Technology Reviews (the ‘Diamonds’) award at the 2016 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo. Each year, the ‘Diamonds’ award is selected by a distinguished panel of cable telecommunications engineering experts, and this year’s results proved that Huawei's Cloud DVR video solution is highly recognized by multiple system operators (MSOs).
Exciting voices of Multiscreen engineer in HDG
Introduction: Huawei Developer Gathering (HDG) is program initiated by Huawei Developer Community. This year, there are 9 onsite meetings held in major cities in China, where Huawei engineers and third-party developers can share their understandings about openness and Huawei products.



Provide documentation, SDK, Demo, tools, training and other resources to download


Provide various development guidance documents

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Reserve Video Environment Guide

Describe how to reserve and connect to Hybrid Video Remote Lab environment.

Certificate Creation Guide

This document describes how to create the iOS certificates and Android APK signature files.

DSV Certification

DSV Certification Workflow
Depth integration for Multi-screen DSV certification, is an important measure for Hybrid Video openness and win-win.


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