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Open Video Ecosystem

Open Video Ecosystem


Introduction to Huawei Envision

Huawei Envision is a series of solutions including Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), IP Television (IPTV), and Over the Top (OTT). Huawei Envision helps video operators to provide high-quality (HD, Blu-ray, 4K, etc.) and content-rich video services to the end users with STB, mobile phone, tablet, PC and other terminals. And its flexible architecture can be used to support future evolution and expansion of operators’ video services.

Architecture of Huawei Envision

This part describes subsystems in the Huawei Envision from the aspects of positioning, functions, and logical architecture, and external Interface description for core Components.

Scenarios of Huawei Envision

The Huawei Envision includes the DVB, IPTV, OTT, and Envision scenarios.


IBC 2017: Huawei Releases 'Huawei Envision' Video Solution for MSOs
Huawei released the 'Huawei Envision' video solution for multiple system operators (MSOs), clearly conveying the commercial value of the solution in MSOs' video all-IP transformation.


Practical Course

Provides various online tutorials for your study and reference.

Schedule RemoteLab

Describe how to reserve and connect to Huawei Envision Remote Lab environment.

Resource download

Provide API Reference,evelopment Guide,SDK,Demo,tools ,and other resources to download.

Certificate Creation Guide

This document describes how to create the iOS certificates and Android APK signature files.

Gold Technical Certification

Gold Technical Certification Workflow
Gold Technical Certification for Multi-screen Partner is an important measuers for Envision Video openness and win-win.


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