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Service Scenarios

HUAWEI Camera Engine encapsulates the Google Camera2 API to support multiple enhanced camera capabilities.

  • Super Night mode

    Improves the quality of images taken at night and in low-light conditions by using super long exposure and multi-frame composite.

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  • Wide aperture

    Provides previews and blurs the background to highlight the object.

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  • HDR for rear cameras

    Blends several exposures of the same subject to make it stand out and bring out details in shadows.

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  • Portrait mode

    Lets users apply beauty, lighting, and blur effects to photos for taking stunning portraits.

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  • AI Cinema mode

    Presets the AI color, background blur, vintage, suspense, and fresh effects for users to select the perfect mood and record their own movies.

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  • HDR for front cameras

    Improves photos taken in backlit environments at the hardware level, and supports real-time previews and video recording.

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  • Pro mode

    Gives users full control over settings such as the ISO, AE, AF, AWB, and color temperature.

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  • Slow-mo

    Records slow-mo video at 60 fps, 120 fps, 480 fps, and 960 fps.

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  • AI photography

    Automatically sets camera settings for 30 scenarios and provides AI-enhanced previews.

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Combines the powerful photography features of Huawei phones into Camera Engine for you to easily integrate advanced image processing capabilities.
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To leverage more functions of HUAWEI Camera Engine, you need to call the APIs provided by the Camera Engine SDK.
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