HUAWEI AR Engine Strengths
Hardware software synergy
Enhanced AR capabilities enable superior effects and optimal power efficiency, by harnessing cutting-edge chipsets, algorithms, and the EMUI operating system.
Differentiated capabilities
Body gesture recognition and interactive capabilities built on the unique hardware of HUAWEI phones, as well as basic SLAM positioning and environmental recognition capabilities.
Multi-device support
Based on the large user base of Huawei mobile phones, developers can access the HUAWEI AR Engine on many different Huawei mobile phones.
HUAWEI AR Engine Features
Which phones support the HUAWEI AR Engine?
The Huawei AR Engine can run on Kirin 980/970/710-based phones. The currently supported phone models are as follows: 1) P series: P20, P20 Pro, P30, P30 Pro 2) Mate series: Mate RS, Mate20, Mate20 Pro, Mate20 RS, Mate 20X, Mate 20X (5G), Mate X 3) Nova series: Nova3、Nova3i、Nova4 4) Honor Series: Honor 10、Honor 20、Honor 8X、Honor Magic2、Honor Play、Honor V20 5) Pad series: M6 The AR Engine capabilities supported by different phone models will be different. Some functions are only supported on specific models. For example, FaceAR is only supported by Mate20 Pro, and subsequent models will continue to adapt to AR Engine capabilities.
What Unity version is required for the Unity SDK?
Please use 2017.4LTS or later versions.
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