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Obtains user conditions, such as the time, location, weather, behavior (walking/running/driving), headset status (plugged or not), beacons (registered or connected), light intensity, and car Bluetooth status (connected or not).


Notifies your app when a user meets preset conditions (such as entry into an area and length of stay).

Service Scenarios

  • Music

    Recommends content customized to a user's behavior, time, headset status, and car Bluetooth status.

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  • Traveling

    Reminds users of the weather at their destination.

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  • Lifestyle services

    Precisely recommends commonly used services when a user approaches a location and stays for a while.

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  • Fitness and health

    Detects the time and weather from user location and provides appropriate fitness advice or health guidance.

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  • Photography

    Provides professional photographs that match the weather and lighting in the user's location, to give them inspiration for their own photography.

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  • Gaming

    Changes game environments based on the weather in the user's location, such as making the virtual world rainy or sunny.

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