HUAWEI Developer Update Notice

January 25, 2019

Dear Developer, 


We are constantly updating HUAWEI Developer to provide you with a better developing experience. Please note that the following updates have been made in the latest version. 


1. Customer Support System 

    Problem categories have been added to the Customer Support System to guide you through feedback on problem details and improve problem resolution efficiency. 


2. Support Page 

    The Support page now serves as a unified entry to the Document Center, Help Center, Problem Feedback, and Contact Information pages for more convenient access. 


3. Merchant Service Country Availability 

    Countries including Uruguay, Paraguay, Tanzania, and Mauritius have been added to the merchant service country list. For details about countries where the merchant service is available, please go to


4. Account Setting Menu 

    The Account Settings menu has been added. You can now go to Settings > Account Center to modify your account information. 


HUAWEI Developer 

25th January, 2019