HUAWEI Developer Update Notice

August 1, 2019

HUAWEI Developer is continually being updated to provide you with the best possible developing experience. Please note that the following updates have been incorporated into the latest version.


1. Improved merchant service certification


Optimized bank information page for merchant service certification, which enables you to search for your bank information by Swift Code.


2. Additional service countries/regions


Enables HUAWEI ID service, Merchant service, Payment service, My Account service, and Customer Service for Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Bhutan, and Libya.

For details about the service list and supported countries/regions, please refer to


3. Server Switchover


The servers for developers in Armenia and Kazakhstan will be switched from those in Russia to those in Singapore. HUAWEI Developer will provide developers in the aforesaid two countries with services in English. If you are a developer in Armenia or Kazakhstan, please sign the English version of the HUAWEI Developer Service Agreement.



HUAWEI Developer

August 1, 2019