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AppTouch Business Joint-Promotion H5 Game (Club Subscription) Recruitment Announcement

August 28, 2019

Dear Partner:

AppTouch focuses on mobile game and APP services, integrates the billing and channel resources of global mobile carriers, and it can help developers quickly access to the global market for quick product rollout and monetization.

H5 game club subscription business currently launch in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and more sites will be launched globally.

We are now collecting high-quality H5 games from all partners. The specific requirements are as follows:

1, No specific game genre required, but Casual, Action, Puzzle games are highly recommended;
2. Social games are recommended;
3, No restriction on the game size, game files and HTML files are required to be provided;
4. The size of the promotional images is 750*256, and the image type is JPG, less than 100k;
5, Please refer to the template attached for uploading, game folder name and banner picture name should be the same as the name in the game list (distinguish Space, Capital or Lowercase letter, and cannot have special characters);
6. Please send the game package to: apptouch@huawei.com(If the file size is too large, please provide a download link in the mail.)

Additional instructions:

Business cooperation follows the AppTouch business Joint-Promotion process.

For related procedures, please refer to: 《Introduction to AppTouch》《HUAWEI AppTouch Joint Operation Partner Guide》《HUAWEI AppTouch Channel Guide》《HUAWEI AppTouch Joint Operations Service Agreement》《Online Signing Guide for HUAWEI AppTouch Joint Operations Service Agreement》《Applications Management Guide》《Copyright Qualification Audit》

Welcome all partners to upload quality games and look forward your highly participation!