HUAWEI Developer Document Center Upgrade Notice

October 10, 2019

Dear Developers,


To provide you with more efficient and convenient services, we upgraded the HUAWEI Developer document center on October 10. Some recently implemented changes include:


1. New visual effects, and an upgraded user experience

The new document center adopts a streamlined design, with simple but aesthetic user interfaces and icons, for a more user-friendly experience.


2. Optimized information architecture, and more efficient page layout

The new document center re-classifies documents into four major categories: top basic documents, top development documents, top distribution documents, and top questions, to help you find the documents you need with ease. 


3. Improved search efficiency, and easier information retrieval

The new document center supports search result filtering, helping narrow down the search scope, finding desired capabilities and services quickly.


Welcome to the brand-new HUAWEI Developer Documentation Center. We hope you'll try out the new features for yourself, and experience newfound convenience and soaring productivity!


HUAWEI Developer
October 10, 2019