HUAWEI Developer Update Notice

October 23, 2019

Dear developers,


HUAWEI Developer is continually being updated to provide you with the best possible developing experience. Please note that the following updates have been incorporated into the latest version.


1. Optimized identity verification function

Adds an identity verification cancellation option. While your identity verification application is awaiting approval, you can cancel it, if you need to change your identity verification information.


2. Added app transfer function

If you need to transfer an app under account A to account B, you can create an app transfer application in Customer Service (by going to Console/Support > Customer Service > Apps/Games/Themes > App transfer). Before creating the application, please download the App Transfer Application Form and the App Transfer Checklist from Customer Service, fill in the two documents, and attach them to your application.


3. Added activity sign-up function

You can now sign up for events hosted by HUAWEI Developer, on the Activity page of the HUAWEI Developer website.


HUAWEI Developer

October 23, 2019