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Perfect World Games Offer Players Better Gaming Experience with Huawei’s Innovative Technologies

May 6, 2020

Features such as multi-terminal casting, foldable screen game play and augmented reality made possible by Huawei’s chip, device and cloud capabilities.


 “Chronicle of Infinity”— the latest virtual role-playing game developed by Perfect World Games, is slated to land on AppGallery, giving Huawei smartphone gamers some of the freshest taste on the most innovative gaming experiences in mobile gaming. Chronicle of Infinity is an adventure battle game that will integrate Huawei’s Cast+ Kit to fragment in-game scenes and cast them across players’ smartphone and TV screens, which transcend the physical boundaries and give users a seamless and uninterrupted cross-device experience. Not only does multiscreen gaming maximise the game’s stunning visual audio effects, it also enables enhanced gameplay such as better battle control and wider strategic visions of battlefields.


The adventure game “ReEvolve” is Perfect World Game’s first sandbox mobile game that involves players partnering with one another to explore a virtual world and enjoy a series of fun and interactive social gameplays. Huawei’s foldable full view display on the Mate Xs gives players full use of larger screen space, helping facilitate special features such as enabling players to build their homeland from ‘God’s perspective’. It is also worth mentioning that ReEvolve allows split-screen mode on the Mate Xs, where players can “build” in the lower screen, while the upper screen brings a top-down view, helping players get a better view of the whole situation. 


Having integrated with Huawei’s ground-breaking face augmented reality (AR) technology into the products, mobile games are brought to life to offer a superior experience. These games use the front camera of player’s smartphones to scan players’ facial position and posture, topological structure and expression and integrate these features into game play.


Perfect World Games was the first Chinese gaming company to pioneer the independent development of 3D game engines. Now as a global game developer, the company has distributed mobile, console, VR, and cloud games to over 100 countries and regions.


 “The mobile gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing online entertainment industries and gamers are increasingly looking for games that offer new and unique features. Integrating Huawei’s capability kits into unlocks some of the most innovative mobile technology available and enables Perfect World Games to redefine what’s possible in mobile gaming experience. Technology such as Huawei’s face AR, foldable screen technology, and multi-device casting allows players to enjoy truly special game play experiences,” Robert H. Xiao said, “Partnership with AppGallery provides a great opportunity to expand our growing user base.”


Perfect World Games is currently adding the finishing touches to Chronicle of Infinity, more and more fun and interactive game will available on AppGallery. For more information, please visit