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HUAWEI Developers Upgrade Notice

November 11, 2020

Dear developers,

HUAWEI Developers is continually updated, with the goal of providing you with the best possible experience. Please note that the following updates have been incorporated into the latest version.


 1. Email notification when your merchant information is modified

When you modify your merchant information and submit it for review, HUAWEI Developers will send a notification to the contact email address you entered during identity verification.


2. Two parameters added to the settlement sheet list on the Console > My account > Credited page

(1) Signing entity

This parameter indicates which Huawei subsidiary is responsible for signing corresponding agreements with you, when you distribute products in different countries or regions.

(2) Payment batch No.

 ● When you confirm a single settlement sheet, a payment batch number will be generated, which corresponds only to that settlement sheet.

 ● When you confirm multiple settlement sheets at a time, a payment batch number will be generated, which corresponds to all of the settlement sheets in the batch.

HUAWEI Developers

November 11, 2020