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HMS Core Broadens Solutions to Improve Digital Lifestyles Around the World

December 4, 2020

Lisbon, 3 December 2020 – Huawei today outlined how its unique HMS (Huawei Mobile Services ) Core offering and expanded solutions is empowering developers to deliver smarter digital lifestyles for consumers. Hosting a virtual session at Web Summit– the world’s largest technology conference – in Lisbon this week, Fernando Prieto, Senior Developer Advocate, HMS Europe, provided an in-depth update on the ongoing development of HMS Core and Huawei’s progress in developing a fully-fledged global ecosystem.


During the session, titled ‘Building Open Software and Hardware Capabilities’, Prieto said: “HMS Core gives developers the tools and resources to launch quality, innovative apps for users, which provides a truly intelligent ecosystem that facilitates smarter all scenario experiences across multiple platforms and devices”.


HMS now serves users in over 170 countries and regions. With over 2 million global developers registered and over 100,000 apps having integrated with HMS Core.


As part of the presentation, Prieto detailed how the Account Kit is facilitating more innovative app development. It continues to be integrated by many apps to provide a safer, smarter, and more secure user authentication across multiple terminals and devices. HMS Core integration is also helping developers to capitalise on opportunities in high-growth sectors such as gaming, travel, e-commerce, financial services, and media and entertainment.


Mobile gaming in particular has seen rapid expansion globally this year, with revenues and download figures breaking records. Developers are looking to HMS Core capabilities such as Computer Graphics Kit, hQUIC Kit, Scene Kit, and Accelerate Kit to get a competitive edge by delivering more immersive gameplay and smoother network experiences, as well as more premium graphics.


E-commerce is another sector experiencing promising growth, as more people seek to use mobile apps to make online purchases. HMS’s end-to-end solution helps to unlock more innovative experiences for these shoppers, providing image and voice search to improve search efficiency with ML Kit for example, as well as inviting users to enjoy virtual and interactive AR shopping experiences.

HMS Core also enhances the user experience and makes finance apps more functional and easier-to-use through its wide-ranging AI services in Scan Kit and ML Kit. Huawei also recognises that privacy and security are essential for users of online banking. That’s why its HMS Core Kits include smart Safety Detect functions to ensure vital protection of user information, such as fake user detection and live face detection.


Finally, video and entertainment developers are constantly striving to improve audio and video quality to offer the best and most interactive entertainment apps possible. HMS Core’s audio and video playback, multi-mode shooting, image effect, and virtual reality capabilities offered through Camera Kit, Audio/Video Kit, AR Engine, and Image Kit are empowering developers to provide truly ground-breaking entertainment content.


“These are only a handful of examples of how HMS Core’s 56 different kits and 12,981 APIs unlock better and more efficient app development across a range of categories and sectors. With the number of developers and apps integrating with HMS Core continuing to accelerate across the world, we’re excited to see even more developers and consumers enjoy the benefits of our world-leading software and hardware capabilities in the future,” Prieto added.


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