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Join HDG, you can enjoy

Meet developers with a similar passion for technology, exchange ideas, and collaborate on new projects.


Acquire new skills and knowledge on a wide range of technical topics, through technical salons, summits, and training sessions.


Continuously improve your technical capabilities, partner with accomplished developers, and fast-track your career.

Grow with HDG, by applying to become an HDG organizer
HDG Organizer
HDG organizers are passionate developers, and leaders in their community. They possess an in-depth understanding of Huawei technologies, and help organize projects that gather developers from across the industry, that explore cutting-edge technologies, improve skills, and promote new opportunities.
Forge partnerships
Work with technical experts and partners throughout the industry, to exchange knowledge and collaborate on new projects
Facilitate growth
Organize events that link developers with Huawei technical experts, and activities that gather developers
Professional-level support
Professional guidance and dedicated support when organizing activities, and expanding the presence of your local developer community
Grow your personal footprint
Benefit from access and exposure to leading professionals to improve your social influence and standing within the developer community
Requirements for serving as an HDG Organizer

18+ years old


Strong interest in Huawei brands and technologies


Technical expertise in a certain domain


Excellent event organizational skills


Deep ties with the local developer community, and a strong desire to give back to the community


Ability to hold an HDG event ideally once a month (or one event every 3 months, at minimum) to keep the local HDG active

Latest Events
HDG Beijing topics

1. HMS Core In-App Purchase introduction and


2. Huawei HiAI workshop

3. Huawei AR Engine 2.0 capabilities and algorithms,

    including relevant features and case studies

HDG Shanghai topics

1. Case sharing on accessing HMS Core kit

2. Introduction to the new service experience of

    distributed EMUI development based on different


HDG Xiamen topics

1. HMS Core-Push workshop

2. Huawei AR and Ability workshop

3. Huawei DevEco Studio workshop