Version Update Introduction


1. Team accounts are supported.
2. Before creating an in-app product, you need to set the app distribution region. The function of importing or exporting in-app product information (including the tax-inclusive price, language, title, and description) in batches is added on the in-app product management page.
3. User experience improvements: During app distribution, the sorting of language options is optimized, and languages are searchable now. The review results of green apps can be queried. The entry for version rollback is moved, and the prompt message is optimized.
4. A shortcut entry to the distribution or operations page is added to the analytics module.
5. Russian individual developers can distribute free apps.
6. You can now upload files such as images and videos in drag and drop mode.


1. Download and install data can now be displayed by country.
2. UI improvements are made to optimize texts and messages displayed on pages and optimize comment filtering.
3. Functions on the app information page are optimized, including shielding the image recommendation function, removing the app transfer function, optimizing language options, and adding verification of mandatory parameter settings.
4. Simpler distribution process: Package names can be automatically filled in after you upload packages when creating apps. The package management step is simplified. Version statuses can now be marked in different colors.
5. My apps page layout is optimized.
6. A privacy policy URL is mandatory when you release or update a mobile or quick app/game.


1. Developers can choose to roll back to last version when remove the current version.
2. With optimization of AppGallery Connect API interface, Developers can check AppID through package name and can review comments.
3. Developers can revoke the Gift in review status.


1. Developers can revoke application for review of App's new version.
2. Developers can remind HUAWEI to review submitted Apps.
3. Distribution Report features App impressions, views, successful downloads, etc.