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Why Hack With Us?

Join enterprise developers, entrepreneurs, product designers, data scientists and expert mentors at TM Forum {open}:hack, Lisbon Portugal, February 6th & 7th 2017

TM Forum Open Hacks accelerate the development of new innovative products and services which can be quickly created by leveraging TM Forum Open APIs, a suite of industry agreed ecosystem APIs.


1.    Compete to win cash prizes.

2.    Meet with and pitch to a global community of tech experts.

3.    Gain valuable feedback from collaborating hackers and experts. 

4.    Make a difference by helping solve real challenges and make our cities better places to live.

5.    Challenge yourself in a fun, supportive and collaborative environment.

6.    Access to an open platform, including: TM Forum Open APIs and APIs, platforms and data from event sponsors.

Awards from TMF:The first $ 3,000

The second $ 1,000

The third $ 400

Winners will have the opportunity to meet Open Hack's executive layer as a sponsor

Challenges And Scenarios

Smart City
FMC Offering Recommendation
● Carrier release a new $88 FMC offering(Offering Details Query).
● After checking blacklist users(Blacklist Query)and good payment record (Account Information Query), they will push the offering marketing information(Notification Sending) to the target potential users (Customer Information Query).
● When user receives and browses the push message , then buys and pays through the way (paymentmgmt-payment).
Car Parking Recommendation & Promotion based on Customer Location Awareness
● Through the collection of the geographical location track of the car owners (select 10 simulated locations of Lisbon), the system determine the TEN marketing target users. (preconfig10 users, customer Service-Query Customer Detail)
● The system send marketing promotion information to the target users, “the first half of the parking price, and charge $100 to get $110 only today”. (Notification-Send, support to send Email, SMS or APP PUSH)
● The user checks the nearest parking lot, then arrives the recommend the parking lot.
● The user receives and browses the push message , then pays through the way to complete the prepaid fee (paymentmgmt-payment), and does the successful deduction (balancemgmt-balancededuction).


Action Week Opening Session
Open Hack & Newcomers Reception
Forum Open APIs Training
Networking & Lunch
Training Available Digital Assets
Team Formation
Sprint 1: Exploration / Solution Design / Business Model / Architecture
Sprint 2: Detailed Design – Leveraging available industry assets and open hack technology
Sprint 3: Solution Build
Networking Break
Sprint 4: Solution Build
Sprint 5: Solution Build
Networking Break
Feedback & Pitch Practice
Team Pitches
Recognition Reception

API Stories

Winner-Team FireBot
Using FireBot to raise the alarm (based on TM Forum’s embedded trouble ticketing open API) triggers the back-end system, based on IBM’s Watson platform, to send back an SMS [using a Twilio API], which establishes the person’s location. Watson then requests more information though simple, multiple choice questions about the intensity of the fire and how quickly it is moving. FireBot posts the position of the fire on a Google map, analyzes the data to figure out the best response and alerts people in communities nearby.
2nd player-Team Open Farm
The app enables people to place orders. An SMS via TELUS alerts customers when their order is on the way. Borrowing the idea from blockchain, the team proposed using mangOH to monitor the product constantly, with updates every five seconds, to check the temperature, oxygen and humidity levels, for example
3rd player-Team ShowMiAssets
Putting cheap and easy to produce QR code labels onto items such as garbage bins, makes it simple for citizens to report bins that are full, smelly or damaged to the council so that it can take action. Also, over time it can a build a picture of trouble spots and other issues to make best use of resources. The app uses TM Forum’s trouble ticketing inventory to associate a ticket with an asset and build up a record of it, plus ESRI’s geospatial API, IBM’s BlueMix and British Columbia’s data geocode.
Team Smart Citizen Platform
The TELUS team was another with a twist in that its offering was a smart citizen platform rather than a app. The team demonstrated how platforms create opportunities for communities and companies, using TM Forum’s authentication and catalog management APIs, plus IBM’s Bluemix and an Ericsson API. Citizens can look for what they want and find a supplier. The first application was providing broadband with an identity check to sign in. The team mooted monetization by running ads from sponsors or by selling data collected by the platform or revenue share from transactions


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