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Why Hack With Us?

This is an opportunity to learn and build new innovative services, APIs and plugins with a group of likeminded and talented individuals from diverse countries and companies. Leveraging a common underlying platform, hackers will create new potential products and services underpinned by Open APIs in the areas of 5G Network Services & IoT/Smart City.

TM Forum Open Hacks accelerate the development of new innovative products and services which can be quickly created leveraging TM Forum Open APIs a suite of industry agreed ecosystem APIs.

TM Forum Open APIs are an integral part of the Forum’s strategy for enabling digital business that enable:

1. Faster on-boarding of partners

2. Ongoing cross industry market development and collaboration

3. Curation and orchestration between multiple services

4. Building blocks for ecosystems deployment

5. Higher reuse of services reducing deployment costs overtime



Open Hack Training
Drinks Reception
TM Forum Live Keynotes
Hacking & Pitch Preparation
Judge Deliberation
Winner announcement


IoT/Smart City
5G Network Services

API Stories

Winner-Team Parking Share
ParkingShare is an online marketplace connecting drivers with city parking:Enables people to list their available parking and earn extra income in the form of rent. Enables drivers to book unique home stays from local hosts,saving them money and giving them a chance to interact with locals.
Using APIs
TMF:CustomerManagement API,Product Catalog Management API
Huawei:Digital CRM (SendSMS),Digital RM (Querying Balance),Digital RM (Deducting Balance),Digital RM (Performing Payment)
Team AirUp
AirUp wants to making people's lives better to increasing the car industry awareness, and make a difference that matters by striking right on the core of the problem, the car industry. It will give users the best and less polluted route to walk / drive / cycle, and automatic car’s problem detection and reporting, also enable the WiFi inside your care. And for Car manufacturers, it will provide real time vehicles emissions data and automatic problem detecting reports, also ranks the best in class in terms of environmental awareness.
Using APIs
TMF: trouble ticket API
Huawei: Customer Management API
Team I wanna go
I wanna go helps foreigner to find proper way to interesting place and buy a ticket. Provide the exactly trip advise for train/bus, leading users buy ticket online. Also provide the extra trip notes for reference, to start a journey fast and easy.
Using APIs
TMF: Catalog API 、Trouble Ticket API
Huawei: Customer Information Query API 、Sending SMS API、Query Balance API 、Deducting Balance API 、Perform Payment API
Team FireBot
Using FireBot to raise the alarm (based on TM Forum’s embedded trouble ticketing open API) triggers the back-end system, based on IBM’s Watson platform, to send back an SMS [using a Twilio API], which establishes the person’s location. Watson then requests more information though simple, multiple choice questions about the intensity of the fire and how quickly it is moving. FireBot posts the position of the fire on a Google map, analyzes the data to figure out the best response and alerts people in communities nearby.


Activity Location
Nice Acropolis Convention Center(1 Esplanade Kennedy, 06300 Nice,France)
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