Welcome to 2018 Huawei Developer Challenge (HDC18)

The 2018 Huawei Developer Challenge is an innovation contest for global
developers. It provides developers with a platform that cultivates dreams and
practices the innovative ideas, encouraging more developers to innovate products
and solutions based on Huawei platforms and capabilities.
Come to Huawei Developer Challenge and work with us to make a move to the future world!

Work Scope

The application of the developer includes the annual excellent practice of the cooperative enterprise, and also includes
the innovative solution that is newly constructed and has a good business prospect.


1. The application is built based on Huawei's platform and capabilities.
2. Participants have independent intellectual property rights for their own construction content.

>Win bonuses and Huawei Cloud services, Build communication channels and groups for developers.<
Winners' rights:
  • Second prize: 23 people
    CNY20,000 cash and CNY20,000 worth of Huawei Cloud coupons.
  • First prize: 12 people
    CNY50,000 cash and CNY50,000 worth of Huawei Cloud coupons.
  • Third prize: 40 people
    CNY10,000 cash and CNY10,000 worth of Huawei Cloud coupons.

Winners' rights:

- Presentation at the awards ceremony at HUAWEI CONNECT 2018.

- Winners will obtain free tickets for HUAWEI CONNECT 2018
(October 10 ~ 12).

- The first prize winners have the opportunity to become the
best developer partner of Huawei.

- The entries of winners of the first and second prizes will be displayed free of charge in HUAWEI CONNECT 2018.

- Invite outstanding representatives to serve as participants for subsequent developer activities.

- Participation in other joint marketing activities of Huawei.

Road to Success Step by Step
  • June 11
    Let your dreams set sail
    Launch of contest, with registration accepted.
  • Aug. 1 – Sep. 15
    Seize the opportunity
    Submission of contest entries before Sep. 15.
  • Sep. 16 – Sep. 28
    Shine with your creativity
    Evaluation of entries and announcement of the final list.
  • Oct. 8 – Oct. 9
    Break the cocoon into a butterfly
    Finals and on-site roadshow.
  • Oct. 12
    Make your dreams come true
    Award ceremony.
Open questions based on customers' requirements
Technical Fields

  • Big Data

  • IoT

  • Enterprise Cloud Communication
  • CloudIVS
  • O&M Cloud Services

  • Business Application


Big Data
Service Introduction

The tide of digital transformation has taken the global market in it's grip, changing the way how value flows from one place to another. Competition across industries forces enterprises to focus on ecosystem building while the deep integration of ICT and various industries has made big data a fundamental and necessary means for enterprises to improve their operating efficiency internally and expand profitability externally.

Range of works

The contest uses an open competition method.
Participants only need to use Huawei FusionInsight
and components to meet the requirements of the competition.
Technical fields, industries, and development languages are not limited.


Bonus settings:
·First prize X 1:prize of 50,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan worth of Huawei cloud voucher
·Second Prize X2 :20,000 yuan worth of 20,000 yuan worth of Huawei cloud voucher
·Third Prize X4 : 10,000 yuan worth of 10,000 yuan worth of Huawei cloud voucher Awards:
.Excellent players get HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 tickets for free
.The first prize scheme is free for HUAWEI CONNECT 2018
.Winners will be invited to serve as guests in the follow-up series of developer activities

Service Introduction

Based on the IoT architecture, Huawei proposes the "1+2+1" IoT solution. Here, "1" means one open source IoT operating system, namely, the Huawei LiteOS; "2" means two connection methods, namely, short-distance and long-distance connections, such as EC-IoT, smart home gateway, and eLTE/NB-IoT/5G; "1" means one unified and open IoT platform, which is OceanConnect.

Range of works

Introduction PowerPoint presentation and a demonstration/introduction video consisting of the following:
(1)(Mandatory) company/team introduction
(2)(Optional) market and customer requirement analysis.
(3)(Mandatory) product/solution introduction
(4)(Mandatory) Huawei IoT products and capabilities used in the solution, and solution advantages
(5)(Optional) product/solution value and benefits
(6)(Optional) success stories


·3 first prizes (CNY 50,000 + HUAWEI CLOUD coupon worth CNY 50,000/each)
·6 second prizes (CNY 20,000 + HUAWEI CLOUD coupon worth CNY 20,000/each)
·12 third prizes (CNY 10,000 + HUAWEI CLOUD coupon worth CNY 10,000/each)

Enterprise Cloud Communicati
Service Introduction

Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communication integrates voice, video, and data collaboration capabilities, enables a variety of solutions such as IP voice, unified communication, videoconferencing, and industry communication in scenarios covering conferencing, desktop, mobile office, and cross-region office, and provides for government and enterprise customers a one-stop enterprise communication platform that is cloud-based, integrated, intelligent, and open.

Range of works

Work instruction by PPT
(1)Company/Team instruction(Mandatory)
(2)Market and customer demand analysis(Optional)
(3)Product and solution instruction (Mandatory)
(4)The capabilities of Huawei Cloud Enterprise Communication products chosen and the and advantages of the solution. (Mandatory)
(5)The value of products and solution(Optional)
(6)Success case (Optional)
(7)Others (customize)
(8)Work demo/Work demo video


·1 first prize rewarding 50,000 RMB and Huawei Cloud Vouchers worth 50,000 RMB
·2 second prize rewarding 20,000 RMB and Huawei Cloud Vouchers worth 20,000 RMB.
·4 third prize rewarding 10,000 RMB and Huawei Cloud Vouchers worth 10,000 RMB.
.The Excellence Award winners can have HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 event ticket.
.First prize solution will be demonstrated in HUAWEI CONNECT 2018 event.
.The winners will be invited to attend a series of follow-up developer activities.

Service Introduction

In alignment with Huawei's Cloud-Pipe-Device strategy, the Huawei CloudIVS enables video on the P layer and integrates applications on the S layer. It is dedicated to providing video cloud solutions including video networking management services, video parsing services, and video retrieval services for enterprises and government customers.

Range of works

1. Business experience demo/Actual business demo
2. Presentation document in PPT format that includes the following content:
.Business application scenarios
.Customer and business benefits
.Huawei CloudIVS's support for application development

O&M Cloud Services
Service Introduction

OWS is the O&M Cloud Services platform. Based on the microservice architecture, it separates IT systems from business activities that run on the systems. The platform provides predefined languages and enables a number of development methods such as drag and drop on the GUI, configuration, and simple script development, greatly reducing the difficulty of software development. Its unique service orchestration capability enables developers without strong IT skills to flexibly orchestrate applications. OWS provides end-to-end monitoring, fully automated and real-time data analysis, DevOps, and ecosystem building features to support O&M digital transformation.

Range of works

Presentation materials should include:
(1)Development team and member introduction (mandatory).
(2) Issues and pain points addressed, with scenarios, and function description (mandatory).
(3)OWS microservices and functions that are used and included in the App (Mandatory).

Huawei Business Application Cloud
Business Introduction

The Commercial Application Development Platform is an online multi-tenant software development and operation platform in the SaaS model. With one account on the platform, a developer can develop and run required software online anytime anywhere. The platform simplifies system development of an enterprise, shortens the development period to days, and helps developers efficiently manage enterprise applications throughout their lifecycles that span from development, testing, release to O&M and monitoring.

Onsite rating by authoritative and professional assessing teams
Selection Rules
  • Zhang Shunmao
    president of Marketing & Solutions Dept, P&S.
  • Yu Quan
    president of Strategy & Business Development Dept, P&S.
  • Xiao Ran
    vice president of Huawei Strategy & Industry Development.
  • mysterious experts
    mysterious experts.
  • mysterious experts
    mysterious experts.
Selection Rules
  • Business prospect
    The entry has a bright business
    prospect for its ability to
    create desirable social benefits
    and market returns.
  • Innovation
    The entry is innovative, contains
    highly valuable ideas, and can
    differentiate itself from mature solutions
    in the industry.
  • User experience
    The entry is user experience centered,
    with its major functions built on
    a solid technical foundation and can actually
    be implemented.
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