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  • EulerOS

    EulerOS provides enhanced security, compatibility, and easy-to-use features along with high reliability. It meets the increasing requirements of Linux OS in enterprise applications and provides a compelling choice of open IT platform for users.

Cloud EC
  • CloudEC SDK

    Focusing on converged communications, Huawei Enterprise Cloud Communications helps enterprises to break the communication barriers and enable them comprehensive communications through 8 types of open capabilities: messaging, audio and video calling, audio and video conferencing, data collaboration, value-added voice, content management, agent and IVR. Also, as a development engine, it will drive business model transformation and innovation in more industries.

  • CloudIPCC SDK

    Huawei's CloudIPCC solution is a holistic E2E solution characterized by multi-channel access, high reliability, and smooth capacity expansion. The solution integrates a diversity of capabilities such as audio, social media, and collaboration and provides various industries with open, standard interfaces for service customization, helping enterprises deliver high-value customer services and implement proactive marketing.

  • EC3.0 SDK(EOX)

    Huawei eSpace EC3.0 is a highly reliable and easy-to-deploy converged communications solution specially designed for enterprise customers. Based on a SIP open exchange platform, this solution features an impressive service portfolio and supports a wide range of terminals.

  • UC2.3.1 SDK(EOX)

    Huawei eSpace UC2.3.1 is a highly reliable and easy-to-deploy converged communications solution specially designed for enterprise customers. Based on a SIP open exchange platform, this solution features an impressive service portfolio and supports a wide range of terminals.


    The ECC SDK integrates the open capabilities provided by the eSDK ICP solution for development of the multi-channel alarm receiving service. The ECC SDK provides functions such as agent inspection, conference call, alarm receiving, and incident handling.

Video Surveillance
  • CloudVCN

    Huawei VCN3000 provides a wide assortment of video surveillance services, such as live video surveillance, recording retrieval and playback, constructing safe, convenient, and practical video surveillance solutions for governments, transportation and education sectors.

  • CloudVCM

    Huawei Video Content

Huawei Envision
  • Envision

    Huawei strives to build an open , agile and efficient video ecosystem founded on envision video platform.Focusing on the video service of global carriers, Huawei Envision provides a platform on which video and operation capabilities are open. Huawei attempts to construct an open video service ecosystem together with carriers. Featuring an open architecture and flexible connection capabilities, Huawei Envision enables global carriers' video services to be launched quickly and meets diversified requirements of video services with rich client technologies.

Intelligent Data Network(IDN)
  • CloudFabric

    The CloudFabric Solution uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology to build next-generation cloud data center networks for customers based on its service-centric open architecture. Core components of the solution include the industry-leading CloudEngine series data center switches and Agile Controller.

  • IP Leased Line Service Provisioning

    The SDN VPN service provisioning solution combines VPN service provisioning with MPLS network traffic optimization. It supports automated L2VPN and L3VPN service provisioning, intelligent path selection, and global traffic optimization.

  • MPLS Backbone Network Traffic Optimization

    Compared with the traditional MPLS TE solution, the MPLS backbone network traffic control solution uses the SDN Agile Controller (AC) as the centralized path computation element and completes SLA-driven service optimization through PCE+. That is, the SDN AC optimizes service paths based on network health analysis, service performance, and the SLA to reduce the OPEX and CAPEX for customers.

  • Transport Client Services Provisioning

    Transport client services refer to the services whose rates are fixed, such as Ethernet, SAN, video, SDH/SONET, and OTN services. You can use the AC-T to provision transport client services in real time.

  • Transport Electrical-Layer OTN Service Provisioning

    Transport electrical-layer tunnels refer to the ODUk channels that are used to carry client and private line services. You can use the AC-T to provision transport electrical-layer tunnels in real time, flexibly formulate rerouting policies, and customize transport electrical-layer tunnels as required.

  • Transport EPL Provisioning

    T-SDN is a software-defined and ICT integration-oriented next-generation transport network solution. Its ability to openly, securely, and efficiently provide flexible pipe transmission on demand meets the private line requirements of site-to-site, site-to-DC, and DC-to-DC, and IP+optical synergy scenarios.

  • CloudCampus

    Huawei CloudCampus

Smart Home
  • Maintenance App Development

    Maintenance app SDKs for provisioning of mobile services and troubleshooting of smart gateways and home networks.

  • Service Innovation

    Various hardware, services, capability clouds, and seven APIs for home network, automation, security, energy management, and digital life services.

  • User App Development

    Home app SDKs for home network, user, smart hardware, and service management, and innovation for development and expansion of smart home services.

  • Smart Hardware Integration

    Device capability models and driver plug-ins based on third-party protocols for rapid access without hardware modification, and simple access thanks to ZigBee or Z-Wave standard configuration files.

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