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BES Product and Solution

BES Product and Solution


What Is BES?

The BES integrates the advantages of digital business enabling, ROADS customer experience, digital ecosystem aggregation, intelligent asset operations, and agile IT and new technologies. These are all combined into typical products and solutions, removing carrier development obstacles and safeguarding their digital transformation.

What Is Digital CRM?

As a solution based on the BES, the Digital CRM is a new-generation customer relationship management (CRM) that helps carriers conduct digital transformation. The Digital CRM focuses on the telecom field and uses the modular, service-oriented, and cloud-based technologies to support carriers' marketing, sales, and service businesses.

Typical Businesses

The Digital CRM is used to provision, change, and cancel the mobile, fixed network, and broadband businesses for individuals, corporations, and families. The typical application scenarios include individual mobile business provisioning, family virtual private network (VPN) provisioning, and corporate business provisioning.


Huawei Announced BES in London
Huawei announced the business enabling system (BES), a new generation framework of products and solutions to assist CSPs to grow and manage an open and interoperable digital ecosystem.
From BSS to BES: An Age of Enablement
The BES provides lightweight, scalable, and cloud-based modules to help carriers enable operations of four business models in the digital economy.
Digital BES: From Supporter to Enabler
To enable digital transformation, Huawei proposed the next-generation operations system Telco OS, which includes the BES, Infrastructure Enabling System (IES), and big data. The BES is responsible for business enabling in digital operations. It helps telecom enterprises transform from business support systems that mainly support traditional network businesses to business enabling systems that enable customers, partners, and various offerings, quickly adapting to business environment changes in the digital era.
ROADS to Providing Peak Service Experience
User experience in the information era must be in real time, on demand, all online, DIY, and social (ROADS). Telecom carriers must provide ROADS user experience to win competitions in the future digital world.

Quick Experience

Customization Process Experience in HUAWEI CONNECT 2016
In HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, the BES uses customization development of the Platinum Customer Marketing app as an example to demonstrate the customization capabilities of the Digital CRM. Developers of delivery service venders (DSVs) can easily experience the app customization under the guidance.


Customizing the Platinum Customer Marketing App

What Is FMC?

Fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) indicates that communications services are provided based on the combination of fixed-line and wireless technologies. Then what does the BES provide for FMC?

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