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Huawei LiteOS

Huawei LiteOS


Huawei LiteOS Introduction

Huawei LiteOS is a platform that gives developers access to intelligent IoT devices and supports Huawei's "1+2+1" strategy, which was released at the Huawei Network Congress (HNC). It is lightweight, fast to start, and consumes little power, enabling more intelligent device data collection and more precise data processing. Huawei LiteOS supports multi-CPU architectures and unified application development platforms, streamlining development. Long- and short-distance connections enable full-connection coverage, provide profile definitions, support, and sharing for more service scenarios, and make connectivity more scalable. JavaScript-based application development frameworks and unified application development platforms make products more agile. Huawei LiteOS is simple yet powerful one-stop software platform for developing intelligent devices, lowering barriers to entry for development and shortening time to market.
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Huawei LPWA Solution RDK

Help module vendors quickly launch market-oriented NB-IoT modules so as to meet market demands
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"IoT-Driven Digital Transformation"
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Open Ecosystem

Huawei LiteOS-assisted Smart Water Meter Solution
Smart water meter solution is established with the goal of replacing manual meter reading and reducing labor cost, checking pipeline pressure to prevent potential issues, identifying and locating pipeline leakage by comparing pipeline traffic over different periods, and implementing time-of-use (TOU) pricing to improve water usage. Huawei LiteOS-assisted Smart Water Meter Solution implements smart water meter reading for water companies based on NB-IoT technology.
Huawei LiteOS-assisted Smart Parking Solution
Nowadays, urban parking systems depend on manual management and face many challenges, such as complex O&M and disordered billing, which greatly impairs user experience. To deal with these challenges, Huawei together with its partners launched the NB-IoT Smart Parking Solution (Details), to help construct competitive smart parking lots in terms of cloud-pipe-device integration.
Huawei LiteOS-assisted Connected City Lighting Solution
Huawei Connected City Lighting Solution is a significant and agile IoT solution that integrates LED lamps with smart lighting polices. Huawei's Connected City Lighting Solution connects street lamps to the IoT using a GIS-based management system. The solution provides municipal managers with status information on each lamp on any given street and enables precise control of on/off switches and the brightness of individual lamps, allowing on-demand lighting and up to 80% reduction in energy consumption.
Huawei LiteOS-assisted Smart Home Solution
"Nowadays, smart home solutions encounter challenges, such as incompatible protocols, low levels of smart connectivity, and difficulties in device interconnection and interworking. To overcome these challenges, Huawei has launched the HiLink Smart Home Solution based on six core elements: HiLink SDK, smart device, HiLink smart routing, cloud platform, mobile app, and HiLink alliance authentication.
This solution unifies the device interconnection and interworking protocols, allowing for an open architecture interconnecting people, things, and the cloud. Such a solution enables interworking and interconnection between different vendors' devices. Deploying the HiLink Smart Home Solution allows devices to be networked without complex configurations, and seamlessly interwork with Huawei LiteOS. Furthermore, this solution provides open capabilities at multiple layers, making innovative services a reality. In the meantime, Huawei has established the HiLink smart home alliance based on the principles of opening up and cooperation. This alliance gathers partners from different industry sectors, organizes product and service pre-integration, and provides E2E smart home services for end users, property developers, and service integrators."

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Quick Start Guide
The Quick Start Guide walks you through typical examples for Huawei LiteOS secondary development.

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