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Network Architecture

Huawei provides an NB-IoT end-to-end (E2E) solution with multiple open capabilities to support fast application integration for partners. Huawei also provides NB-IoT chips of Hisilicon, eNodeBs, and OceanConnect. Developers can develop terminals based on chip/module development manuals provided by terminal vendors and develop applications based on the IoT platform. The following figure shows the NB-IoT E2E networking architecture.

●    NB-IoT terminal/UE

NB-IoT terminals/UEs, such as smart water meters and gas meters, are connected to an eNodeB over the Uu interface.

●    eNodeB

An eNodeB controls network access over the Uu interface, manages cells, and forwards non-access stratum (NAS) data to upper-layer NEs. An eNodeB is connected to the IoT core over the S1-lite interface.

●    IoT core

An IoT core exchanges information with NB-IoT terminals at the NAS layer and forwards data related to NB-IoT services to the IoT platform.  

●    IoT Platform

The IoT platform converges IoT data from various access networks and then forwards such data to a required service application for processing based on the data type. The SoftRadio can be interconnected only with Huawei OceanConnect.  

●    Application server

An application server is the destination of IoT data and processes data in compliance with customer requirements.

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