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Date Center Service Provisioning

Date Center Service Provisioning



The CloudFabric Solution uses software-defined networking (SDN) technology to build next-generation cloud data center networks for customers based on its service-centric open architecture. The Agile Controller-DCN is the core component of the solution.


The overall architecture of the Huawei CloudFabric DCN Solution consists of the service presentation/orchestration layer, network control layer, network service layer, and computing access layer. Components at the four layers interoperate to provide SDN services.


Huawei CloudFabric DCN Solution interconnects with mainstream cloud platforms, third-party value-added service (VAS) devices, and industry-leading computing virtualization platforms, such as VMware vCenter and Microsoft System Center.

Application Scenario

Cloud-Network Integration
In cloud-network integration scenarios, the cloud management platform interconnects with the Agile Controller-DCN through northbound interfaces to deliver service models to the controller. The controller orchestrates and deploys networks and services to implement collaborative scheduling of computing, storage, and network resources.
Network Virtualization
In network virtualization scenarios, the Agile Controller-DCN provisions services without a cloud management platform.

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