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IP+optical synergy

IP+optical synergy



As optical network techniques develop and the GMPLS control plane is introduced to optical networks, these networks can now dynamically schedule resources. Most commonly used optical network techniques are ROADM and OTN. The SDN-based IP+optical solution uses the SDN architecture to effectively synergize IP/MPLS and optical resources on backbone networks, improve resource utilization, increase O&M efficiency, and reduce TCO.


The architecture, which consists of the application, network control, and infrastructure network layers, an additional network management system (U2000), and an additional traffic collection component (uTraffic).

Product Overview

Super controller: Agile Controller-Super

The Agile Controller-Super is a core component of Huawei's SDN-based IP+optical solution. With the Agile Controller-Super, E2E orchestration and management are possible.

IP controller: Agile Controller-WAN

The Agile Controller-WAN, a core component and control plane in the SDN solution, implements key SDN control functions on the IP WAN.

Optical controller: Agile Controller-Transport

The Agile Controller-Transport, a core component of the SDN transport network, implements key SDN control functions on the transport network.


NE40Es function as IP network devices to connect to optical devices through physical interfaces.


In the SDN-based IP+optical solution, NE5000Es are managed in the same way as NE40Es.

OSN 9800

In the SDN-based IP+optical solution, OSN 9800s function as optical devices to forward traffic over wavelengths. OSN 9800s establish or tear down optical paths on demand by interacting with other optical devices.


In the SDN-based IP+optical solution, the U2000 is used to perform basic configurations on the IP and optical devices to prepare the network for automated service provisioning and implement FCAPS management of the IP and optical networks.