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The newly constructed 16 thousand HD cameras together with the already existing 2000 HD cameras provides full HD coverage for key locations. Video cloud platforms were constructed in the municipal police department, seven branch offices, and 39 police stations, implementing unified dispatch and practical applications of municipal video resources. According to People's Daily, the 35 murders that occurred in Hefei in 2014 were cracked after the system was established. Eight types of serious violent crimes affecting public safety accounted for 1.43% of all criminal cases, the lowest rate among capital cites in central and east China.
There are about 1000 channels of 1080 p HD cameras, providing full HD coverage for all sites. The integrated cloud surveillance platform enabled reliable and efficient management, and application of HD video, providing visualized support for metro safety. The dedicated communications video surveillance system was interconnected with other systems such as the ISCS system, police-specific CCTV system, alarm system, vehicle-mounted surveillance system, and Changsha Skynet, enabling resource sharing and linkage across systems and sharply improving surveillance resource utilization.
Tsinghua University adopted an open-teaching mode, so there were about 100 thousand people and 30 thousand vehicles entering or leaving the campus every day, posing great pressure to campus security. A set of well-established intelligent security system was badly needed. Huawei, based on its cutting-edge technologies such as agile network, cloud surveillance, and matrix intelligence, worked with Tsinghua University to develop a security system featuring safety, intelligence and efficiency, and network quality awareness, ensuring safety of teaching, research, and the lives of teachers and students. The system integrates a variety of functions such as video surveillance, people and vehicle checkpoint, intelligent analysis, patrolling management, and access control alerting. Based on the three-dimensional GIS system, the system implements visualized management and dispatch as well as unified display, providing efficient and convenient services for customers.
Shanghai United Imaging Healthcare Co., Ltd., dedicating to the rise of China's high-end medical equipment, is becoming China's international name card in this field. Huawei campus security solution, through linkage among the video surveillance system, access control system, and alarm system, helped construct a three-dimensional protection network for the United Imaging campus. It provided both security and production surveillance for the campus, constructed high-level campus services, and developed international service capabilities for United Imaging, guiding United Imaging towards internationalization.

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