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Telepresence & Videoconferencing

Telepresence & Videoconferencing


Overview of Telepresence and Videoconferencing Open Capabilities

Huawei eSDK development department launches the eSDK TP solution for the telepresence and videoconferencing field. eSDK is an open platform provided by Huawei enterprise business group (BG) for partners to integrate. This platform offers standardized interfaces, pre-integrated plug-ins, and comprehensive development support. With this platform, partners can easily integrate Huawei's telepresence and videoconferencing products with upper-layer applications in other industries to lower development costs and shorten the project delivery period. 

eSDK TP is a third-party open platform that supports Huawei's telepresence and videoconferencing devices. This platform helps application developers easily interconnect with the videoconferencing services management platform, manage videoconferencing endpoints, integrate Outlook, and make video surveillance and videoconferencing services converge. 

Application Scenarios

The interactive education platform that supports remote live broadcasting and VOD can be customized based on the videoconferencing interfaces offered by eSDK TP and the recording interfaces offered by eSDK RSE.
Enterprises can use the eSDK TP to integrate videoconferencing capabilities into the OA system, including scheduling instant and periodical conferences and associating them with conference rooms, querying the utilization of conference resources, viewing scheduled conferences, and sending conference notifications by email or SMS. Through this integration, employees can keep their work habits and also build sound corporate image.
The telemedicine system invokes eSDK TP interfaces to implement unified scheduling and management, and collaboration across departments, fields, and regions, helping extend quality medical resources to everyone.
Outlook Plug-in
You can integrate SMC2.0 with Outlook by installing eSDK TP in Outlook. Then you can directly schedule conferences in Outlook, join conferences using Microsoft Lync clients, modify and cancel telepresence conferences, and view the status of telepresence conference rooms.

Success Stories

Finance & Insurance
Nanjing Linkcare Technology Co., Ltd. uses conference management interfaces provided by Huawei eSDK TP to customize a multi-tenant conferencing system for China Telecom Jiangsu Branch. This system provides videoconferencing resources for users on demand, maximizing the utilization of videoconferencing resources.
Based on open conference control capabilities offered by eSDK TP, UniNet has customized a converged conference management system for New China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (NCI). This system perfectly integrates Huawei and other vendors' HD videoconferencing endpoints and manages them in a unified manner, enabling NCI HQ, provincial subsidiaries, and subordinate organizations to hold stable HD video conferences.
Shanghai Gener has customized a video-based scheduling system for Changke Group based on open capabilities of Huawei eSDK TP and eSDK RSE. Meanwhile, Shanghai Gener also constructs a video-based consultation system by embedding soft client SDKs into the D-train production system. eSDKs provide open videoconferencing capabilities end to end, making office and production a unity.
Dalian Senyint Digital Medical System Co., Ltd. seamlessly integrates its eSDK TP-based telemedicine system with Huawei's telepresence solution, simplifying the operations of consultation application, modification, and cancellation. Doctors and nurses can schedule telepresence conferences, initiate supervision and consultation requests, and give training session directly from the consultation platform.

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