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Enterprise Communications

Enterprise Communications


EC Overview

Huawei Enterprise Communications provides a variety of services, including calling, faxing, multimedia conferencing, instant messaging, presence, corporate directory, and unified messaging, enabling users to communicate in a more personalized and timelier manner.

EC Architecture

The Enterprise Communications system is logically divided into three layers: terminal layer, service layer, and media gateway layer.

Application Scenarios of EC

Enterprise Communications has three main application scenarios: communication method integration, communication-driven service integration, and mobile office and efficient collaboration.

Success Stories

Finance Industry
Large-Sized State-Owned Enterprise
Large-Sized Private Enterprise
The employee directory is the core of China Construction Bank's new communication system. Based on the IM capability, this new system integrates multiple communication systems and service subsystems, forming the overall architecture of enterprise communications. The UC system obtains the directory information from the P2 system, and single sign-on is implemented for these two related systems. When a process in the P2 system needs to send messages, the P2 server invokes the IM capability of the UC system to send messages. The P2 client receives these messages in real time and responds. The integration of enterprise communications and business processes optimizes bank service processes and promotes business agility.
The emergency command platform has the following requirements: Video signals obtained in all key surveillance areas must be transmitted to the information center hall in real time. On-site images must be obtained when emergencies occur so that related personnel can be informed of the emergency in time. The emergency command platform integrates the IM, group, and call capabilities of EC so that users can initiate voice calls, conferences and IM (or SMS) chats to a specific user or group with a few clicks on the emergency road network platform. The platform also integrates enterprise communications conference capability so that users can initiate conferences directly and obtain on-site images.
Hainan Airlines (HNA) has over 150,000 employees and its mobile application, is unstable and tends to cause message loss. And HNA hopes to integrate audio/video call and conference functions into this application. Huawei's open capabilities of call, conference, rich media, and group services provide a new information spread mode for HNA. The new mobile application sets up a better communication channel between HNA and its employees or customers, improves the services, and ensures the quick rollout of the public service platform. The mobile application integrates APIs provided by Huawei Enterprise Communications, which positioned as an open enterprise communications capability platform to seamlessly integrate enterprise applications.
Sichuan Hai Di Lao Catering Co. Ltd. has various pain points. For example, maintenance is difficult because of the high number of stores. It has various IT requirements but lacks long-term planning. It uses devices from various manufacturers, causing high after-sales costs. Its IT processes are not streamlined and some processes have never been used, causing waste of investment. After adopting the Huawei Enterprise Communications solution, Hai Di Lao boasts about having highly efficient office collaboration platform, new e-commerce channel, innovative modern logistics system, fashion flagship store, and unified operation support system, improving operation efficiency and reducing costs.

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