Cloud EC


Cloud EC Overview

The Cloud EC solution is a next-generation cloud-based enterprise communications and collaboration solution launched by Huawei to address enterprises' smooth and rapid transformation from TDM to IP multimedia communications. Based on the standard, converged, and open IMS architecture, the Huawei Cloud EC solution keeps abreast of enterprise communications development and offers enterprises one-stop services of IP-based network restructuring, converged conferencing, enterprise communications, and ICT integration and openness, making it the best choice for enterprises to develop and upgrade their communications systems. 

The Cloud EC system provides open communications capabilities using APIs and SDKs, allowing enterprises to quickly integrate communications capabilities into their business processes based on actual requirements. The customized communications applications provided by the Cloud EC system can drive agile development of enterprise businesses. The open capabilities include call control, voice interaction, SMS, audio and video conferencing, and conference management and control.

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