OneHop Engine

OneHop Engine

OneHop Engine

HUAWEI OneHop offers seamless data transfer and interaction between apps on your smartphones and other devices even including some third-party devices, for a full scenario experience. The technology relies on NFC and provides a solution for the issues and difficulties of cross-app and cross-device data transfer, by letting you do everything with just a single tap.
Supported on
  • Android

Service Scenarios

Cross-device capabilities for apps with NFC based technology.

Fast connection and file transfer between Huawei smartphones and others devices using NFC.


Cross-device app use
Uses NFC to let users switch between devices without losing their place in the app.
Efficient and simple
Increases efficiency using a simple, unified language, making it easier to detect third-party devices.
Fast connection
Triggers features with NFC while using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to connect device, transfer data and launch features.
Advantages Advantages

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