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Audio Engine

Audio Engine

HUAWEI provides pioneering audio enhancement services, for immersive listening at all times. Utilize Audio Engine to enable the low-latency headset monitoring feature for your app, and enjoy thrilling karaoke on just a whim.
Supported on
  • Android

Service Scenarios

A real-time headset listening feature that allows you to hear your inner voice, in a stunning new way.

Record system and local sounds simultaneously.

Our Strengths

Enriching tools
Equip your karaoke apps with a wide range of expansion and adjustment parameters.
Heightened user experience
Optimize the latency and headset monitoring effect, to improve the quality of recordings.
Highly expansive
More features on the way, for enhanced audio across the board.
Our Strengths Our Strengths

Integration Guide

Account Creation and Identity Verification
Log in to HUAWEI Developers and verify your identity. If you don't have a HUAWEI ID, you will need to register for one before proceeding.
Agreement Signing
Sign the HUAWEI Developer Audio Engine SDK/API Service Cooperation Agreement in the SDK package.
SDK Download
Log in to HUAWEI Developers. Go to Develop > Audio Engine, and then click SDK Download.
Android Studio version 3.0.1 or later is recommended, and the system software version must be EMUI 10.0.0 or later.

Soporte técnico

Comuníquese con el servicio de atención al cliente para obtener asistencia. Le responderemos dentro de los dos días hábiles.

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