HUAWEI Developer Accelerator Program

Huawei is proud to support innovation and help the developer community to grow. Registering as a HUAWEI Developer opens the potential of reaching millions of new high-quality customers. We understand the needs of developers and have designed a program that provides developers with access to mentorship from leading industry experts, developer-focused resources, technical support on the latest technological innovations and trends, and networking opportunities. New developer registrations before 31st January 2022 23:59 (GMT +1) will have the opportunity to apply for the HUAWEI Developer Accelerator Program which will be open to the top 50 selected developers.

Accelerator Program developers will have the unique opportunity to benefit from the mentorship and guidance of respected industry experts, opening up new networking opportunities and connections.


Participants will be invited to a series of online and interactive tech workshops to listen to experts covering the hottest trends in technology and app development.


Accelerator Program developers will be granted access to a range of Huawei resources including technical support, industry whitepapers and an exclusive developer kick-starter kit including the Huawei Guidebook to Innovation.


All participants on the program will be assisted as they test their projects. Huawei will offer access to world-class tech to ensure that developers can explore the latest technological advancements.


Log in or register a HUAWEI ID
Complete the application form before 31st January 2022
Wait to hear back from us! Successful candidates will be contacted in February 2022


Who is eligible to participate in the HUAWEI Developer Accelerator Program?
This program is open to developers from selected regions and restricted to developers aged 18 and older. Participants must register a HUAWEI ID before applying for the program.
How do I apply for the program?
The only way to apply is by registering on the official website for the program. It is not possible to sign up through other methods, such as by sending an email. You must complete the application form on the official website.
What benefits are there for participants on the program?
Huawei will offer the participants of the Accelerator Program the support they need to launch their ideas to the next level. By providing mentorship, developers will benefit from the guidance of respected industry figures. Developers will have the chance to learn about the latest trending tech topics through workshops and tech talks organized as part of the program. The developers will also have access to Huawei resources such as technology for testing and industry whitepapers.
What is a HUAWEI ID?
HUAWEI IDs are accounts used for accessing all Huawei services on HUAWEI Developers, enabling a simple and secure sign-up and sign-in.
How do I register for a HUAWEI ID and complete the identity verification process?
For details about this process, please refer to Registration and Verification.
Is there a cost to register for a HUAWEI ID?
No, there are no charges or costs when registering for a HUAWEI ID.
How can I integrate HMS open capabilities?
For details about integration, please refer to the Development Documentation.
What kind of developers does Huawei support?
HUAWEI Developers supports two types of developers: Eenterprise Developers and Individual Developers. Enterprise Developers have access to more services than Individual Developers.
Do I need to be an expert to register as a HUAWEI Developer?
Not at all. It is free to register as a HUAWEI Developer and Huawei offers guides and instructions to new developers.

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