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HUAWEI Quick App Boosts Commercialization through Ad Monetization

HUAWEI Ads has officially supported quick apps. The platform leverages Huawei's robust platform and data capabilities to help developers earn revenue by accessing and displaying targeted, high-quality and high-value ad content in their quick apps.

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Huawei opened its largest HUAWEI Health Lab to date in Dongguan to media, driving health and fitness initiatives

Huawei's Consumer Business Group opened their largest HUAWEI Health Lab to date to the media.

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From Mart to Cart, AppGallery-WEMART Partnership Delivers a Seamless Online Shopping Experience

With the integration of Petal Maps Platform, Wemart was able to allow users' locations to be pinpointed even without their manual input.

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Hibobi successfully penetrates the GCC baby product market with AppGallery

Discover how AppGallery is contributing significantly to Hibobi’s total new downloads. The e-commerce app has become a key player in the baby and maternity product category within the HMS ecosystem, with amplified app installs and sales revenues reaching new record highs.

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Huawei Donates CNY1 Million Worth of Vocational Vouchers to Help Women Enhance STEM Skills

Huawei has announced that it will donate CNY1 million worth of vocational skills exam vouchers to 2,000 female STEM students from hundreds of application-oriented undergraduate universities and secondary and higher vocational schools in China.

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HMS Developer Story: Shaping the Future of Birds with Games

How can tech help shape the future of bird conservation? Soochow University student Zhu Chengqing and her team launch Commensalism, a game helping people understand their roles in natural protection.

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[HMS Core 6.0 Global Release] HUAWEI Keyring Makes Cross-Device, Cross-App, and Cross-Platform Sign-in Easier than Ever

Keyring stores user credentials on user devices and then shares them among different apps and different platform versions of an app, helping you create a seamless sign-in experience for your Android app, quick app, and web app.

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Featured Services and Capabilities

HMS Core
HMS Core offers a rich array of open device and cloud capabilities, which facilitate efficient development, fast growth, and flexible monetization. This enables global developers to pursue groundbreaking innovation, deliver next-level user experiences, and make premium content and services broadly accessible.
HUAWEI AppGallery
HUAWEI AppGallery distributes apps to a wide range of consumer devices, and on a global scale. Its end-to-end support mechanisms and open framework provide you with a direct pipeline to Huawei device users around the world.
HUAWEI Ability Gallery
HUAWEI Ability Gallery is Huawei's unified platform for ability integration and distribution. It aggregates traffic from a wide range of devices in all scenarios and provides developers with a one-time integration and all-scenario distribution solution.
HUAWEI Ads taps into Huawei's wide-reaching user base and traffic channels, to help you reach target audiences with a high degree of precision, and grow your business to unforeseen levels.
HUAWEI Themes offers a wealth of unique themes, fonts, wallpapers, and ringtones, to instill apps with newfound joy, whimsy, and personality.

Solutions Tailored for Your Industry

Travel and Transport

An all-in-one travel and transport service solution, based on HMS Core device and cloud capabilities, that addresses wide-ranging usage scenarios, including ride hailing, accommodation, public transportation, and air travel. Provides substantial added value, by crafting an enhanced user experience and improved operations efficiency, facilitating explosive business growth.

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An innovative solution that assists e-commerce apps with quick customer acquisition and improved conversion rates, for sustainable business growth.

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Media & Entertainment

A comprehensive solution that offers audio/video app developers a wealth of innovative audio/video capture, editing, and playback services, boosting user stickiness, broadening the user base, and facilitating easier traffic monetization.

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All-in-one service offerings, based on HMS Core device and cloud capabilities, facilitating retail banking, digital wallet, and wealth management app development in the finance industry, characterized by an enhanced user experience and improved operations efficiency.

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Cutting-edge HMS Core technologies that address wide-ranging gaming requirements, including basic development, network acceleration, innovation, operations & monetization, and security, which bolster development efficiency and monetization, while providing users with heightened gameplay and newly-immersive interactions.

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HDG Fest Mexico 2021 HDG Fest Mexico 2021 HDG Fest Mexico 2021

HDG Fest Mexico 2021

HUAWEI Developer Groups (HDG) is a non-profit community for global developers who have common interest and are passionate about new technologies.Attend the event and get a chance to receive a fantastic gift that we have prepared,Come and join us!

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Collaborative work made easy Collaborative work made easy Collaborative work made easy

Collaborative work made easy

HUAWEI Developers offers the Team Account function, in which the team account holder can invite members, set roles, and allocate differentiated permissions. This new paradigm can facilitate enhanced efficiency across the board, from development and distribution, to promotion and monetization.

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DIGIX Competitions

This competition series aims to nurture groundbreaking product innovation, by showcasing Huawei's cutting-edge open capabilities and services. In addition to the enticing awards, the initiative also provides wide-ranging promotion channels and global service resources to accelerate your international market expansion.

News and Updates

Keep track of industry news, releases, and developer stories all in one place, and conveniently share them with others.

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Browse through the latest materials to learn how to integrate Huawei's open capabilities and services in little time and with zero hassle.

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HUAWEI Developer Forum

Obtain exclusive insights on Huawei open capabilities and services, by taking part in enriching discussions and technical knowledge exchanges.

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Draw inspiration and support, by staying plugged in to a vibrant global developer communication. Explore new possibilities and build the digital life services of the future.

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