Convenient Submission

Submitting your apps to HUAWEI Developer reduces many of the complications of launching an app.

Fair and Impartial

App resources are provided to developers on a fair and open basis, assisting you in creating high-quality content.

Wide Distribution

Distribute your apps to over 100 million HUAWEI users through HUAWEI AppGallery.


How to create

and release your app on HUAWEI Developer?


Register and create your app

Register and log in to your HUAWEI Developer account, go to AppGallery Connect, then create a new app and upload the APK.


Set basic information

Set languages and basic app information, such as app name, introduction, screenshots, and app category.


Set release information

Select your business model (free or premium), release countries and regions, and a link for the privacy statement.


Submit for release

Confirm that all of the information provided is correct, and submit your application for review.

Upload your app

App Promotion

HUAWEI Developer empowers you to promote your apps, reaching end users through its enormous reach, which includes Huawei consumer devices, AppGallery, and the push platform.

HUAWEI AppGallery paid promotion

The promotion service is provided on the basis of cost per download (CPD). You can flexibly set your promotion strategy and duration based on your needs. This service helps maximize your app's exposure and drive more downloads.

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Joint operations

Under this framework, your apps will be jointly operated by your team and HUAWEI AppGallery, with the latter providing services including SDK integration check, data and gift management. Business models include in-app purchase.

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Gift management

You can manage user benefits such as coupons and VIP privileges. Gifts are divided into two categories: new user gifts and regular gifts.

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How to monetize

your apps

A HUAWEI ID is required for users to access HUAWEI cloud services. So far, there are over 100 million HUAWEI ID users globally.
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In-app purchases
Provides convenient in-app payment for your apps with a simplified payment process and multiple payment methods to accelerate your revenue gains.
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Game services
Provides one-stop services for game developers, including account, payment, floating windows, data analysis, and other basic capabilities.
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