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How to create

and release your app on HUAWEI Developer?
Sign in and create your app
Register a HUAWEI ID and get verified. Then sign in to AppGallery Connect, go to My apps, create an app, add the details, and upload the app package.
Set basic information
Select your app's languages and localize its basic information, including the app name, introduction, screenshots, and category.
Set the release information
Choose whether your app will be paid or free-to-use and where it will be distributed, and provide a URL to your privacy policy.
Submit your app for release
Confirm the settings and submit the app for release.

App Promotion

HUAWEI Developer empowers you to promote your apps, reaching end users through its wide reach, which includes Huawei consumer devices, AppGallery, and the push platform.
HUAWEI AppGallery Paid Promotion
The promotion service is provided on the basis of cost per download (CPD). You can flexibly set your promotion strategy and duration based on your needs. This service helps maximize your app's exposure and drive more downloads.
Joint Operations
Under this framework, your apps will be jointly operated by your team and HUAWEI AppGallery, with the latter providing services including SDK integration checks, data and gift management. Business models include in-app purchases.
Gift Management
You can manage user benefits such as coupons and VIP privileges. Gifts are divided into two categories: new user gifts and regular gifts.


AppGallery Connect

Benefit from access to full-lifecycle app services.

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App Promotion

Download the AppGallery Badge to promote your apps with newfound ease.

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Access to the enriching educational resources to grow by leaps and bounds.

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Pose questions and exchange ideas, within a flourishing developer community.

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Technical Support

Contact customer service for further assistance. We'll get back to you within 1 to 2 working days.

Business Cooperation

If you want to cooperate with us on open capability access, software, joint game operations, paid app promotion, or anything else, click the link below.

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