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Global remote labs

Enables you to access Huawei real and virtual devices, from anywhere and at any time.

ADB-based code debugging

Connects to the device remotely, using an IDE plug-in for ADB-based rapid fault detection, no different from debugging on a device of your own.

Easy-to-access logs

Allows you to check logs online, or export logs for offline analysis.

Multi-scenario simulation

Supports a wide range of remote device operations, such as screen orientation changes, screen switchovers for foldable phones, and Mock Locations to suit your specific debugging requirements.

Comprehensive device availability
Allows for anytime access to all real and virtual Huawei devices, through numerous regional labs.
Cost-effective solution
Enables your app to run on newly launched Huawei devices, freeing you from having to purchase or manage any devices.
Real device operations
Simulates the myriad of real device operations, allowing you to faithfully reproduce the real world user experience.
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