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Compatibility tests

Verifies whether your app is compatible with all applicable Huawei device models, with regard to installation, launching, running, page rendering, and uninstallation.

Stability tests

Runs monkey tests on your app to determine whether it will face crash, ANR, native crash, or resource leakage issues, when running for extended periods of time.

Performance tests

Collects and analyzes performance data for your app, and draws tendency curves for the cold/warm start times, frame rate, as well as for memory and CPU usage.

Power consumption tests

Tests your app against the power-consuming behavior evaluation model to identify power-intensive behaviors, and implement corresponding optimizations.

Security tests

Identifies potential security risks, by running in-depth security checks for code, configurations, security hardening, security vulnerabilities, and more.

Free, comprehensive Huawei device tests
Offers free, anytime access to the full range of Huawei devices, through different regional labs, for real device app testing.
AI-powered traversal tests
Runs exploratory tests using graph traversal algorithms to detect any potential issues, without requiring any script to be written.
Rapid resolution
Provides traversal test replay, error logs, performance indicators, and other details, to facilitate fault detection.
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