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Test user selection

Add HUAWEI IDs (email address or mobile number format) to a test user list in advance.

Test user invitations

Select up to 5,000 users to participate in the test. If you opt for a manual-review-free internal test, you can invite a maximum of 100 internal users, and your app will be distributed to them within hours.

Test user follow-up

Inform test users by email or SMS message to enroll and download your app from AppGallery for testing, no different from how they would download an ordinary app easily.

Testing and feedback

Users test your app and give feedback via the email address that you provided.

Airtight app quality assurance
Stimulates user feedback-based app optimizations prior to the official release, effectively reducing app crashes while helping retain users.
Nimble optimizations
Launches multiple rounds of open tests, allowing to enhance your app on a test-by-test basis, until you are satisfied with the feedback.
Streamlined operations
Requires merely an additional step to the common release procedure, without the need to integrate a dedicated SDK, to make your app version available on AppGallery to only specific test users.
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