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Phased Release

By rolling out new versions to users on a gradual basis, you can solicit feedback and resolve issues in advance, minimizing possible adverse consequences.

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Set a proportion of random users to whom your version will be first distributed, and set a release period of up to 30 days. After the release period ends, your version will be automatically rolled out across the entire network.

Incremental release process

You are free to increase the proportion of users to which your app is distributed, on a gradual basis, until the new version is rolled out across the entire network.

Status management

You can suspend, resume, update, and upgrade the phased release process at any time. The suspension, resumption, and update operations do not need manual review.

Updates you can trust
Minimizes risks associated with network-wide app updates, by rolling out your new version on a gradual basis, soliciting feedback for optimizations, and keeping any potential issues within a controllable scope.
Effortless operations
Only requires completing a simple application to launch a phased release. The process can be suspended, resumed, or updated, and your version can be upgraded at any time, offering a remarkable degree of flexibility.
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