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CaaS Engine

CaaS Engine provides app and hardware developers access to open abilities based on the MeeTime service. This engine makes video calling achievable for Huawei phones as well as a variety of apps and partnered smart devices, building a giant real-time communication network for optimized user experience.
Supported on
  • Android

Service Scenarios

Allows for device virtualization, with support for video calls on virtualized devices, thanks to the HUAWEI DeviceVirtualization service.

Facilitates the sharing of content in real time, offering support for the doodle function within developer apps, for easier networking and communications.

Equips developer apps to initiate one-touch voice and video calls, for streamlined business communications.

Coming soon


HD image quality and ultra-low bandwidth
Gives higher image quality with lower bandwidth requirements.
Smooth calls, even with weak network signals
Delivers clear visuals and a smooth video stream in real time, even when the signal is poor.
Agile and perceptive
Intelligently detects the bandwidth then uses seamless software and hardware collaboration to maintain a stable call.

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