Document Converter

Capability Introduction

Document conversion, efficient conversion

This API recognizes documents in images and the texts in the documents, and returns the recognized documents and texts to the clients. Then the client can restore the returned information to a document of .ppt format.

Efficient converter, simple operation

"This API can recognize documents in images and generate editable e-documents. It is applicable to scenarios where document images need information editing and recording, for example, note-taking snapshots and paper documents."

Conversion of documents in images

Extracts texts in images, and then converts the document images into e-documents of .ppt format quickly.

Quick electronization of paper documents

Extracts content in images of paper documents and converts them into e-documents of .PPT format quickly.



VisionImage image = VisionImage.fromBitmap(bitmap);
int result_code = converter.detectSlide(image, cb);


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Service introduction

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Access preparation

Preparation for access, such as registration, authentication, and agreement signing
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Sample code

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API description

Interface parameter definition, description, restrictions, and constraints
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1Are setTxtsrConfig() and setDocrefineConfig() needed?

Currently, there is no additional parameter configuration for text super-resolution and document conversion,and therefore there is no need to be called.

2Why is the onDocDetect(), onDocRefine(), or onSuperResolution() not called back?

Typically, it is because the input parameters do not comply with the API requirements, and onError method are called back instead.