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Map Kit

Map Kit

Personalized map display and interactions make location-based services work better for your app.
Supported on
  • Android
  • HarmonyOS
  • iOS
  • Web
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Service Scenarios

Helps users quickly find specific places nearby like restaurants and attractions.

Helps users discover hotels, scenic spots, shops, and local food to make the most of their travels.

Provides all map service functions such as displaying geographical locations and business distribution areas on mobile phones and web clients, meeting internal requirements of companies.


Personalized map display
Enriches map elements and interaction modes for building your exclusive maps.
Powerful location search
Provides massive data of 260 million POIs, 570 million addresses, 80 million postcodes, and 690,000 administrative divisions (Levels 1–9).
Global coverage
Supports 70+ languages for map display and search, and is available in 200+ countries and regions.
Advantages Advantages


Development Guide
Development Guide

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API Reference

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