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Playback capabilities

Plays audio in diverse formats, including M4A, AAC, AMR, IMY, WAV, OGG, RTTTL, and MP3.

Decodes and plays high-resolution audio files of up to 384 kHz/24 bit.
Supports numerous playback controls, including play, pause/resume, drag progress bar, previous/next, and mute/unmute.
Caches audio files locally, and encrypts them.
Caches playback progress, and resumes playback from the moment where the audio was last paused or stopped.
Allows for audio volume to be adjusted.
Reads content from song lists or albums into playlists, saves playlists, and allows users to add or delete content from playlists.
Supports play in order, repeat list, repeat current song, or shuffle play.

Service Scenarios

  • Education

    Presents audio materials for effective, efficient teaching and learning.

  • Fitness and health

    Plays music or audiobooks for a rich app experience.

  • Gaming

    Plays audio content for total user immersion.

  • Local player

    Plays a broad range of audio content.

  • Ringtones

    Plays a variety of ringtones.

  • Coming soon



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