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Awareness Kit

The time, location, weather, behavior, headset status, beacons, ambient light intensity, and car Bluetooth status are valuable information for adapting to user environments. Make your app work smarter and better with user insights.
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  • Android
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Obtains user conditions, such as the time, location, weather, behavior (walking/running/driving), headset status (plugged or not), beacons (registered or connected), light intensity, and car Bluetooth status (connected or not).
Notifies your app when a user meets preset conditions (such as entry into an area and length of stay).

Service Scenarios

Recommends content customized to a user's behavior, time, headset status, and car Bluetooth status.

Reminds users of the weather at their destination.

Precisely recommends commonly used services when a user approaches a location and stays for a while.

Detects the time and weather from user location and provides appropriate fitness advice or health guidance.

Provides professional photographs that match the weather and lighting in the user's location, to give them inspiration for their own photography.

Changes game environments based on the weather in the user's location, such as making the virtual world rainy or sunny.


Converged awareness capability
Allows you to obtain multi-dimensional data, customize awareness contexts, and extend awareness capabilities.
Precise results
Combines software and hardware capabilities to obtain data from the bottom layer for more precision and efficiency.
Faster response speed
Processes data using the local independent chip and requests data from the nearest server to ensure faster response speeds.
Lower system consumption
Shares the awareness capability to prevent apps from interacting with users' devices separately and reduce the system overhead and consumption.

Success Stories


This app registers geofences and time barriers and queries the weather for users to better organize their trips.

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This app registers geofences and queries the weather to customize trips for users.

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Jike integrates Awareness Kit capabilities to provide developers with brand-new smart services.

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