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The potential to go beyond the human mind now extends to app development. Use a full range of vision and language APIs to build your own AI apps, even if you are not a machine learning expert.
Supported on
  • Android
  • iOS
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Fast builds
Gives your apps the power of AI without requiring you to master machine learning.
Multiple applications
Tailors a full range of APIs to different AI scenarios.
Global coverage
Guarantees high concurrency and reliability no matter where you are.


Development Guide

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API Reference

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Success Stories


ScanScan uses ML Kit's text recognition service to deliver extraordinary scanning services to users.

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ML Kit's bank card recognition service enables Sovcombank users to use their camera to scan and autofill their bank card information.

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Video Cutout

ML Kit's image segmentation service streamlines the video cutout process, allowing users to replace video backgrounds with a single click.

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Digital ID Photo

ML Kit helps Digital ID Photo to create high-quality ID photos.

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Coyote uses ML Kit to build a GPS & driver assistance system.

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ReadEra has utilized ML Kit's translation function to provide its users with easy reading and reference of foreign-language books.

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Shopping list

By integrating ML Kit's ASR function, TK Solution was able to enhance its Shopping list app with accurate, real-time text output.

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By integrating ML Kit, Newswav has empowered its users to find news items of interest, simply by scanning keywords.

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SG BusLeh

ML Kit's text recognition function enables SG BusLeh users to search for bus information with remarkable ease.

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Banggood has integrated ML Kit's product visual search function to achieve a seamlessly integrated online-offline shopping experience.

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Fave, Southeast Asian O2O e-commerce company, uses text recognition provided by ML Kit to get their users online discounts from promotional flyers.

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Cut Cut

Cut Cut is an intelligent photo editor that makes use of the image segmentation function provided by ML Kit for precise and quick cutouts.

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This lifestyle service uses ML Kit to identify bills to be paid so users save time and effort for other things.

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Photo Deformer

This recreational photo editing app integrates ML Kit to detect and adjust face contours into hilarious caricatures.

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