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Nearby Service Nearby Service Nearby Service

Nearby Service

Discovery and communication with devices in the vicinity is now easier and more convenient. Give your users physical proximity services with in-app data sharing and messaging.
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  • Android
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Contact Shield

Contact Shield is a BLE-based contact tracing service. Public health institutions around the globe can authorize developers to develop COVID-19 contact tracing apps using Contact Shield APIs.


Precise proximity sensing
Triggers both onsite convenience and anti-spoofing security.
Ease of use
Provides user-friendly APIs that free you from complex underlying networking details.
Superb performance
Outpaces the industry in speed of discovery and bandwidth with proprietary transport protocols.

Success Stories


Nearby Service makes files transfer over 4x faster on ZAPYA.

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WLan Play
WLan Play

Nearby Service facilitates local video sharing of up to 50 MBps on this player developed by iQIYI.

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Nearby Service enables TamTam users to discover friends nearby.

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