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Web page search

Enables users to search for general, news, and video web pages, and provides search services like image search, selection search, auto suggestion, and spelling check.

Custom search

Allows developers to specify a destination site for general page searches.

On-site search (coming soon)

Provides technical support for small- and medium-sized industry partners who want to implement site searches. After the site data is submitted, when a user performs search, the partner's app calls an API provided by Search Kit to return the search result from this site.

Service Scenarios

  • Search engine building

    Opens the results of web page search and vertical search, and allows you to use the global index library to quickly build a low-cost search engine.

  • Keyword spelling check

    Automatically checks whether the keywords a user enters are correct and returns the correct spelling where necessary.

  • Keyword auto suggestion

    Automatically suggests topics when a user enters a keyword. When only one keyword is entered, the suggestion is based on the first letter of that keyword; when more than one keyword is entered, the suggestion is based on the meaning expressed by the keywords.

  • Custom search

    Enables you to specify a destination site for searches, so you can quickly guide users to the most relevant content with no ads.

  • On-site product search

    Helps small- and medium-sized e-commerce apps quickly and cheaply build search services so users can find products they need. Searches can be conducted in a range of languages.

  • Coming soon

Easy application
Opens search capabilities through the device-side SDK and cloud-side API, so you can quickly build your own search capabilities by integrating Search Kit.
High efficiency
Enables you to harness Huawei's global index library and its massive computing and storage resources to quickly return search results from the destination site you specified.
Low cost
Frees you from technical implementation and maintenance, so it's cheaper and much easier for you to build your own search engines.


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