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Search Kit

Search Kit

Petal Search, a general search engine developed by Huawei, provides various categories of mobile devices with search services in more than 20 vertical domains, including news, apps, shopping, travel, and local services, to build a high-quality search ecosystem.
Supported on
  • Android


All-scenario search
Provides traffic across both hardware and software in all scenarios relying on the Huawei HMS ecosystem and "1+8+N" strategy.
Localized search
Integrates global operations resources and works with outstanding local teams to build differentiated local search services, complying with unique user habits in different countries.
Precise search with personalized cards
Displays shopping, travel, local life, entertainment, and tool searches by users in the form of cards that can be used to easily access relevant services.
Multi-modal AI search
Supports multiple search modes such as text, image, visual, and voice search, for a richer user experience.
Security and privacy
Offers the standard mode and intelligent mode in Petal Search's privacy center to comply with the privacy protection requirements of the EU GDPR, to effectively protect user privacy and security.
Advantages Advantages

Cooperation Modes

Content cooperation
Fast and precise display of natural search results
Ad delivery
Abundant traffic from all-scenario searches
Joint operations
All-scenario operations resources and dedicated resource slots for business growth

Content Cooperation Platforms

A one-stop ad delivery and product management platform for e-commerce platforms, brand websites, and third-party agencies.

A platform that allows hotel owners and travel agencies (online and offline) to manage hotel information, room availability, and prices, also supporting ad delivery monitoring and optimization.

A platform that connects local merchants and their customers by providing various interaction modes after the merchants connect their data efficiently in batches to the platform through modes including the portal and API.

A data openness platform which partners in different industries can seamlessly connect their platform data to through common schemas.


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