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HUAWEI Ability Gallery Recognized as The Best Artificial Intelligence Innovative Application Platform in 2019

December 6, 2019

On October 31, HUAWEI Ability Gallery was invited to attend the 2019 Global Future Technology Conference that was convened by the Guangdong Communications Administration, Guangdong Internet Society, and iiMedia Research. At this conference HUAWEI Ability Gallery was awarded with The Global Outstanding Achievement Award of 2019 – The Best Artificial Intelligence Innovative Application Platform in 2019, which noted the platform's contributions to promoting innovation in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI). The HUAWEI Ability Gallery strives to build a comprehensive ecosystem for intelligent services, in every facet of life, ranging from entertainment and work, to travel and health. It has offered crucial support to developers in creating innovative services and maximizing user value, and taken great strides in making a fully-connected, intelligent world a living, breathing reality.


Smarter services, unparalleled convenience

One-time development for diverse distribution

Intense market competition has led to homogenized services. Developers need to invest more time and energy in order to differentiate their services, and tailor them to user needs. HUAWEI Ability Gallery represents the most developer-friendly platform of its kind, due to its continual expansion, and diverse range of apps and corresponding usage scenarios.


After connecting to HUAWEI Ability Gallery, the services developers create, can be distributed to billions of smartphones and devices across the "1+8+N" all-scenario ecosystem that Huawei is currently building, reaching 530 million of Huawei users, for unmatched exposure. In addition, the HUAWEI Ability Gallery utilizes AI to distribute developer services with a high degree of precision, adding value with service recommendations and usage frequency data, for example, the taxi service recommendation and menu translation service noted above. This has allowed developers to access high-value traffic with maximum efficiency, and helped them convert this skyrocketing exposure into real revenue.


With "one-time development and access for intelligent service distribution across multiple terminals", HUAWEI Ability Gallery comes equipped with diverse development tools, such as the IDE development platform and GUI layout template, while providing comprehensive guidance and services for developers.


Intelligent living, in every scenario, and at all times

The future will assuredly feature all-scenario, intelligent, and fully-connected technology, playing an outsized role in everyday life. The HUAWEI Ability Gallery lives up to its lofty ambitions, helping craft the intelligent lifestyle that users demand, while assisting in the development of services that facilitate natural interactions, and synergy between humans, their devices, and their surroundings.