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HUAWEI Ability Gallery Operates Globally to Help Developers Enhance Global Service Distribution

December 16, 2019

HUAWEI Ability Gallery has been launched globally on December 15, 2019, along with its new functions and a series of plans.

As an important capability of HUAWEI Mobile Services (HMS), HUAWEI Ability Gallery can help realize universal access and distribution of abilities, bringing more convenient and high-quality user experience to end users, and attracting high volume of traffic for developers based on the super portals of "1+8+N" and the massive number of users of Huawei devices.

The globally launched HUAWEI Ability Gallery covers more than 170 countries and regions and supports over 50 languages. It gives priority to six kinds of vertical industries, including sports events, stock, food, taxi, flight, and hotel. The cards for sports events and stock markets will be available in Q1 of 2020, allowing end users in regions of the Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa to enjoy the ultimate mobile experience provided by HUAWEI Ability Gallery and its partners.

As interests in sports events vary across countries and regions, the sports event card will provide targeted sports events in various local languages. By 2020, end users will also be able to experience these services via portals such as Sparkle Search, HiVioce, and the device HUAWEI Vision.

The stock market card will also adapt to different countries and regions and display the local stock exchange indexes. In addition, its customization function allows users to track the stocks that they are interested in by adding such stocks to the interest list.

In addition to the above launch plans, HUAWEI Ability Gallery provides a series of new functions for developers.

Multiple service-triggering methods: Methods such as keyword trigger, scanning trigger, subscription trigger, and voice trigger enable developers' abilities to be invoked quickly.

Smart service decision-making: Based on the intelligent decision-making engine, HUAWEI Ability Gallery can identify user intents and understand user requirements to precisely distribute abilities.

Diversified in-built intents: HUAWEI Ability Gallery has diversified in-built intents so that developers can choose suitable intents for their service categories during access, and set keywords. Users searching such keywords will then be able to obtain the services they want more accurately.

New solution for account binding: The previous solution required developers to develop a quick app and integrate it with HMS Core to bind the account, while the new solution has simplified the process, and developers only need to invoke the original app or H5 login page to quickly complete account binding.

These functions help developers improve access efficiency to HUAWEI Ability Gallery, simplify operations, and realize quick launch and smart distribution of abilities. In the future, HUAWEI Ability Gallery will support the "global and full-scenario" distribution of abilities. With one-time access, developers' abilities can be distributed to a multitude of Huawei end user devices such as mobile phones, HUAWEI Vision, and HUAWEI AI Speakers, and tap into Huawei's 570 million-strong monthly active user base to realize true global exposure for developers' services.

Huawei hopes that more developers can join in the construction of a smart ecosystem, and together bring faster and better experiences to global users.