HMS Core 4.0 Featured Practice Courses Launched

March 6, 2020

HMS Core 4.0 Featured Practice Courses Launched


To help you quickly access HMS Core and build an HMS ecosystem, the HUAWEI Developer team launches the HMS Core 4.0 featured practice courses, jointly developed with the HMS project team and DTSE(Developer Technology Support Engineers)team.


The courses use demos developed based on real-life cases to provide you with interactive, step-by-step instructions to access HMS Core securely and quickly.


You can find the courses at the Video Center on this website (, or search for Huawei Developers to find them on YouTube.


You are welcome to attend the courses to help you develop your apps!


A total of 22 courses are provided, including:

Account Kit – HMS Core

In-App Purchases – HMS Core

Push Kit – HMS Core

Ads Kit – HMS Core

Analytics Kit – HMS Core

Site Kit – HMS Core

Quick App – HMS Core

Game Service – HMS Core

Drive Kit – HMS Core

Wallet Kit – HMS Core

DRM Kit – HMS Core

Health Kit – HMS Core

ML Kit – HMS Core

Awareness Kit – HMS Core

Scan Kit – HMS Core

Nearby Service – HMS Core

Safety Detect – HMS Core

Dynamic Tag Manager – HMS Core


Identity Kit – HMS Core

Panorama Kit – HMS Core

Map Kit & Location kit – HMS Core